Bunny Masks

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!!

Yesterday, I made the kids some cute little bunny masks to wear this weekend.  I used a file in the Silhouette store by Sarah Bailey.  They loved their little bunny faces- and I love how perfectly they cut out–even those little whiskers came out perfect.  I only put 4 on Jaxen’s mask- because we wanted to be able to tell them apart!

Mr. Pink and I also got all the “easter bunnying” done yesterday at Target–we really wanted to limit the amount of candy in their baskets this year- so we stuck to fun things they can use everyday- like ponytail holders, seeds for plants, headphones for their toys (that might be more for us!)  Ha!!

Here’s Alexis the Bunny

and Jaxen the Bunny

I love my little bunnies!


I also decided to ‘fancy’ up my craft mat- too 🙂

Isn’t it so FANCY?  🙂  I used pink and aqua vinyl– I love it!  Also- I put one of these on my car window 😉

Okay- 1 more BRIEF card- using the Cricut Imagine Greeting Cards Inside & Out- I just wanted to try one of their quick notecards on that cartridge.  I like that you can quickly print and cut a quick, cute little notecard- if you are in a hurry.

Okay- that’s it- Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


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