Birthday Invites

Hi Everyone!  My daughter’ s birthday is coming up and she decided she wanted to have a pool party- since she loves to swim!  So, today I whipped up these invites (with a little help from Lori Whitlock) for her to take to her friends at school.

I designed the card in Designer Studio, filling in a rounded square with an aqua chevron pattern.  Then I added the words for the invite, right inside the program.  I knew I wanted to add these cute little swimsuits by Lori Whitlock in the Silhouette store.  While I designed the card, I kept the swimsuits in the corner so I knew where they would fall once I cut them out later.

(ps. the invite looks a little weird- because I removed the exact pool location for privacy reasons)

Before I sent the invites to the printer, I moved the swimsuit shapes off of the design- so I could cut them later.  After printing the invites, I sent them to the Cameo, and let the Cameo cut the card shapes out, along with 3 little hearts I added to the bottom left.

Then I cut the swimsuits out in different patterned paper- I was going to use string, to tie the swimsuits to- but, it was too difficult to make tiny little bows-and I had to have little bows! 🙂

So, I used yellow vinyl to cut out the string and bows from the doily pennant banner file by Lori Whitlock.  I decided to use vinyl, because the string and bows were so delicate, I didn’t want to try to glue them down- the vinyl worked perfectly for this part!

Then, I decided to make a square envelope, by Lori Whitlock in the Silhouette Store- I shrunk it down just a bit, since my cards were only 4×4 and the envelope was made for a 5×5 inch card.  The file had circles cut out in the scallops of the flap, but I decided to take those out, and add a number 7 to the flap.  The 7 is also a Lori Whitlock file, that actually has a tab at the bottom of it- I took the tab off and just left the middle- Isn’t it the perfect touch?

They all went into the envelope and are going to happy little first graders today 🙂  I did not plan on using all Lori Whitlock files, it just turned out that way–I think I am really drawn to her cute style!

I also got half of my Cricut Circle Calling Cards made today, and went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some fun goodies to decorate for Alexis’ birthday!  (and…yep…I went to the gym!)

Oh–I didn’t forget about the Cameo Giveaway info- I will post a little later today!


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