St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Hi everyone! One more day of school here- and then SPRING BREAK!!!

We are so excited- because the weather has been really feeling ‘springy’ here!   Since, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner– literally days away- I thought I’d whip up some cute little treat boxes.

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately- there’s all sorts of St. Patrick goodies on there- from cupcakes, to Leprechaun traps, and more-  I thought- I’d keep it simple, as we don’t get TOO into St. Patrick’s Day here.  I even get a ‘free pass’ from wearing green- because my eyes are green….(at least that’s what I tell my kids) Before you get mad at me…I should be up front- I will still wear green (I actually like green)- and I’ll probably even make them green milkshakes!

For these little treats- I chose one of my family’s favorite candies- Skittles- I thought it would be perfect- since their slogan is “Taste the Rainbow.”  I wanted to fill these cute little clear boxes  that I order from, with a rainbow of candy.

However, as I was filling the boxes- I was singing the song we used to sing to our kids…”Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue…” blue?  There are no blue skittles!!  How could this be?  I brought it to my hubby’s attention- and then double checked with him on the slogan of this popular candy.  Yep–taste the rainbow….the rainbow minus blue? How could they omit such an important color- a primary color?!  And, more importantly–how did I buy into this ‘rainbow’ hype and never realize that they were missing a color?  Guess, Skittles thinks you’ll forget all about blue after you are intoxicated by their high doses of sugar! Ha!  (I can’t say that I didn’t think about writing them a letter…)

Anyway- back to my cute little clear boxes, filled with so-called-rainbow candies.

I reluctantly stacked the colors, to give a CA-UTE rainbow look- trying not to let my issues with the missing blue get to me!  Then I added a rainbow tag using Bo Bunny ribbon, CTMH Topiary ink and a sentiment from Pink by Design’s Luck o’ the Irish. 


Thanks for stopping by today- I always LOVE to see you!! 🙂

Ps. I bet you next time you see a bag of Skittles you will think about them cheating us out of the color Blue 😉 😉


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