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Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great week!  I have found myself not knowing exactly what to do with  my time- since Grandma came to pick up the kids for a few days this week, during their Spring Break.

They are having a great time, and I am glad that they can spend these special times with their grandparents.  I am sure it will be something they always remember.  They left after lunch time- and I spent the rest of the day cleaning, doing a little shipping and doing a little crafting,  Mr. Pink and I had dinner out, and then watched a movie.

The project I have today is a fun little idea for a ‘thank you’ gift- or favor.  I used the 1×8 clear bags from, and filled them with popcorn kernels, using a funnel.  I then topped it with a print and cut by Ginny Nilson from the Silhouette store using my Cameo.

I used a Pink by Design sentiment stamp from the Sweet Grams stamp set on a handout banner.  I can’t tell you how much I love this stamp set–makes favor-making a breeze and helps you make ordinary candy and snacks into a fun gift!

Also- on the back of the popcorn treat stick- I added the directions for making your own Microwave Popcorn using regular ol’ kernels and a paper bag!  Did you know you could do that?  You don’t even need those pre made microwave popcorn bags!


That’s it– fun, different and easy, peasy!

Thanks for POPPING by my blog today!! (hehe)


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