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Hey everyone!  It was such a beautiful day here- almost 80, sunny, breezy-so gorgeous!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather- and took the kids on a picnic at the park where we all played some game about “hot lava”- I am sure the parents and teachers out there will have some kind of clue on how this game is played. We finished the day with homemade Strawberry Shortcake.

Last week, I developed several pictures…and by several, I mean 300.  (I confess I take a lot of pictures)

Anyway, I will mostly scrapbook them- but, I also wanted to use one of my newly painted walls, to display some of them.  I could use frames for some- and I will- but, I wanted something a little different.  Something like a clothes line for pictures– held by birds like in a Disney movie.  So what, if I wish animals flew in to do my housework…I’m sure I am not the only one. 🙂

It was perfect, because there were 3 new bird files in the Silhouette store today- by Kolette Hall.  You can find similar birds on the Cricut cartridges, Reminisce Accents, Cindy Loo, Hannah Montana, French Manor and Give a Hoot.

I cut the birds out at 5 inches long- using the new DCWV Garden Tea Party- and then I cut their shadow out using DCWV Street Lace Cardstock.  There are so many gorgeous colors in that stack!

I put 2 nails into the wall, wrapping 22 gauge, gunmetal jewelry wire around a couple of times on one- and then letting it droop a little towards the other nail, where I wrapped it a couple of times.  I took the extra wire, and made a couple of decorative loops the would look like the birds were hanging onto.  I used Scotch Removable Mounting Squares  to place the birds so that they hid the nails.

Then I used Tiny Clothespins  to clip up some of my favorite pictures at the moment.  I really felt like I could put pictures up, that may or may not be ‘frame worthy’ but, that I loved– because of the laid-back look of this display.

For instance, the picture above on the left hand side has a sun-glare, and we are all cracking up in it.  But, that’s exactly why I love it- it was a moment of pure joy- no one is looking at the camera, it isn’t a ‘pose’- it’s just our little family laughing.   The same goes for the picture above on the right.  Alexis was feeling a little pouty, about what- I can’t remember- but, I chose to tickle her to lighten the mood.  Then as little punkin pie tried to interfere–daddy started to tickle him.  Not the ‘classic’ photo you’d see in a frame- but, a shot with a story- and a shot I love. 🙂

I wanted to add a vinyl phrase to the picture line- but, I didn’t want it to overshadow the pictures- because that’s where I wanted the focus to really be.  So, I chose to use tone on tone, choosing a couple shades darker than the paint on our wall.


I used, “Some things may change, but we always start and end with family.”  because right now we are building our little family- and I the pictures on the ‘line’ will continue to show how fast life is changing for us- but, no matter what changes lie before us, we will always have one another.  The kids may not always fit on my lap- but, I want them to know they will never be too big to be my baby.



Here’s the view- of how much of that wall it takes up- you could really make it fit any size wall- with a longer wire.  This was the perfect space for what I envisioned.   When Alexis got home from school- she LOVED it- the pictures, the birds, the saying. 🙂 Even Mr. Pink thought it was pretty cool!

I can’t say that I am excited to see the picture on it change- because I would like to keep my kids just like that, forever- but it is nice that I can change it up for the Holidays, birthdays, or even hang their school papers/drawings on it!

Thanks for stopping by– and have a great rest of the week!


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