Pencil Box

Hi everyone and Happy Spring Break (well for us it is)!!

We had the most wonderful weekend with the kiddos, to start their Spring Break off on the right foot.  It helped, that the weather was so gorgeous!  On Saturday, we went to one of our favorite picnic spots- and grilled some chicken.

Alexis helped me make avocado spread and the first potato salad of the year- and we all had fun exploring nature- finding animal prints, insects and frogs.

Then on Sunday, we took the kids to the Art Museum- (we know our time is always limited there, as Jaxen can’t stay quiet and keep his hands off of everything for too awful long-lol)  But, they  both did well- and we stopped a couple of times for them to create their own art.

We had lunch at one of our favorite downtown restaurants, where Alexis and I shared Portobello fries- she would have never tried them, had she known they were made from mushrooms and not potatoes.  So, I waited til after we were done, to tell her.  Jaxen wasn’t as easily tricked- he knew right away…”those are NOT french fries.”

After lunch we went to the Science Center which was a HUGE hit!  We tried an egg drop, where we wrapped fake eggs in padding, and a machine dropped them from the ceiling to see if they’d break or not.  (let me apologize for the pictures- the lighting in the Science Center was awful–so many shadows and no natural light…it made me sad, because there were definitely some ah-ha moments I wanted to catch on film!)

We made rockets out of paper- and launched them from an air blaster type launchpad- to see how far they’d go.  The one mommy helped build, did not go very far- but, it was pretty ;).

Jaxen loved the ball drop, with chutes and spinners, so much that we purchased the smaller version, the marble run in the gift shop on the way out!

Alexis loved pretending to be a weather girl, exploring the cave, and looking at the rocks and space exhibits.   She chose her first mineral discovery kit from the gift shop, to start her geologist career 😉

One of my favorite exhibits was the one where the kids and daddy built cars out of legos and wheels- to race down a timed ramp.

We didn’t help either child make their cars- and daddy kind of chuckled at the size Jaxen was making his.  It was clearly clunky looking instead of the aerodynamic one daddy was trying to make.  So, you can imagine my laughter as the cars took off down the ramp- and Jaxen’s won every time!!  So funny to see daddy try to rationalize his loss.

All in all- mom and dad were quite exhausted at the end of the day- but, couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

For today’s project- I made a fun little pencil box using a file from Lori Whitlock.  If you have a Silhouette subscription, you can also pick it up there. 🙂  The box was super-simple to put together- and was complete with all of the score lines. Remember, to use a super-strong adhesive when putting together a 3d paper projects.  I like to use Red Line tape or ScorTape.


The file comes complete with the pencil cut as well- and it holds 3 pencils.  The perfect little surprise for a school-aged kid!  I added my daughter’s name to the box, to make it a little more personal!  She LOVED it!!  These would be perfect for a classroom or a birthday party!

Have a great week everyone!





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