Friends, Friends, Friends

Important Announcement:



So… Google friends has discontinued their friend connect for non-blogger blogs.

(that’s me….I’m a wordpress blog…and I love it)

Anyway- they are trying to implement their Google+, which I just haven’t gotten into.  Instead I decided to spend my time working on my Pinterest boards! (Who’s with me on this one?)


Okay– I say all of this because there were about 3,000 of you who were my google friends- and I don’t want you to miss anything!

So… be sure you are signed up/subscribed to my Newsfeed on the right.  Just enter your email address.


This means you will get a Daily Dose of Pink- with a quick blurb about what I am writing about or what I made that day.  Some of you may already get this- so there’s no need for you to re-sign up.

Thanks again to all of my friends, who come to read my posts, leave me comments and inspire me! You are all Awesome!!


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