My Daughter

I have always wanted to take picture of my little girl in my wedding dress one day- and kept it for just that reason.  I have kept putting it off, and today we finally took the time to curl her hair and dig out my wedding dress to let her play dress-up in it for a little bit.  (Ps. I tried a new way to curl her hair- and it worked beautifully! If I remember I will share with you how we curled it)

Her little brother was enamored with the ‘princess’ in front of him- and in his own ‘tough’ way asked to dance with her and kiss her on the cheek.  There was no way this momma was gonna miss out on those pictures!! I will scrapbook these photos and one day, when it’s time for her to get married- she can look back at these photos and be reminded of the little girl she was. It makes me happy to have captured such a sweet moment with her.  She was in heaven with all of that tulle, and feeling like the most beautiful princess. She will always be my most beautiful princess.



Remember, I am not a photographer- I am just a mom, playing around with her Nikon DSLR, I took these photos with my favorite lens, the 35mm .  But, I do LOVE how they all turned out! 🙂


  • Oh the pictures are beautiful, and so is your daughter, I think she looks a lot like you. What a beautiful idea. Makes me wish I had a little girl to do this with, I don’t think my son would like doing this very much lol.
    Melissa D

  • Hi Sarah, those beautiful photo shoots of your daughter look like they were done by a professional photographer. Absolutely stunning, what a beautiful memory made of this precious time spent with your children.
    You should be very PROUD of how these phtographs turned out, great photos, great layouts, please share once you scrapbook them. You have such a beautiful family Sarah 🙂

  • Sarah…I saw you post on FB last night about this….and to see all these photos is even sweeter! She is adorable and looks like she was in heaven!
    What fun! Beautiful dress!

  • So wonderful. The pictures, the ideas and the memories. You are a wonderful Mama and your daughter is very blessed. Thank you for sharing via this post, you warmed my heart today.

  • Aww Sarah, before you know it, she will be all grown up and getting ready for that special day herself. What a beautiful daughter you have. And such a sweet picture of her brother kissing her. Capture those same poses when she does have her special wedding day and then place those layouts together. This is why I love scrapbooking so much, it preserves thos special memories. Great JOB!

  • SO PRETTY! What a fabulous idea! These are going to be amazing pictures when she’s older (or even for her own wedding slideshow or wedding invitations!). Her curls are gorgeous too!

  • What a great memory you made. When she is all grown up and haveing her own wedding it would be so neat to do a layout with her in her wedding dress with some of thes dressup pictures along with the new pics. Her hair is very pretty. When my daughter was little we were in some of the kiddy beauty pageants. I would pull the sides and top of her hair into panytails with holders that looped over each other. Then I put the back hair into another ponytail high on the back of her dead. Then I would put swatches about 1/4 inch wide onsmall pink songe rollers. There would be between 20 and 30 rollers when I was done. I would take the back down first roveming one roller at a time and run a pick through the length of hair one time each roller. I removed the pony tails and let the hair fall into ringletts all over her head. The volume of her hair was multipled greatly with tiny ringlets falling from the top of her head. We won prettiest hair several times.

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