Capiz Shell Chandelier Knockoff

I’ve been seeing all of these fancy light decorations- chandeliers of all sorts- and since we are repainting my daughter’s room Wednesday, I thought we should have a fancy new light for her room!

I was thinking something along these lines- dangly, with some vibrant, pretty colors to tie her different color walls altogether.  Well– did you think I would actually spend over $50 for some circles on a ring?  😉  Nope– I decided to pull out the sewing machine….WAIT!  WHAT?  I’m gonna sew?  Yep!

This will actually be my first sewing project since…oh, I don’t know…high school!   It was definitely time!

Let me show you the things I used to make my Capiz Shell chandelier knockoff:


I went with several DCWV stacks- including the Summer Cardstock, the Spring Fling card stock, the Street Lace card stock and the Teenage Dream Stack.  You can use a circle punch about 1.5 inches- or you can die cut your circles like I did using my Silhouette Cameo.  You will also need a ring that will fit around your light- I used the inside rim of an embroidery hoop.


So, I cut out a BUNCH of circles in all different patterns/colors/textures.  I used plain colors, glitter colors, mirror finish colors, funky patterns– and just made sure it all coordinated!  I used about 360 total.  Then- you are going to pull out your sewing machine, because the next task is to sew the circles together into strips.

I sewed through one circle, right down the middle(ish) and then when I got to the end, I lined up the next circle, until I had rows of 18.  You can mix up the circles, or you can make strips of all the same color- have fun with it!  It took about 20 rows for me to go all the way around my wooden hoop.
Since I was using a wooden hoop- which isn’t too awfully thick, I decided my best bet for attaching the rows was to staple the top circle directly to the hoop.  I used my Tim Holtz tiny attacher–(love this thing!)

….are you ready to see how it looked all put together?

Don’t look too close, you might see some crooked stitching!  Remember, this was my first time sewing a project since high school–and my first paper-sewing project!

Here it is, hanging in her room around her light- You can use hooks to attach it- depending on what kind of light fixture you have- or even use poster tape- on the inside of the embroidery hoop- because it is not very heavy at all.

When the light is on- it makes all those glitter pieces and mirror pieces really sparkle!  She LOVES it–Now to get those walls painted tomorrow!!

I really like how my chandelier turned out–it’s fun, funky, and totally Alexis- plus it only took stuff I had laying around the house, and it gave me an excuse to tackle my first paper-sewing project!

(ps. I kinda think it’s prettier than the one at the top–which costs $56– what do you think?)


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