Blue Moon Necklace tutorial & giveaway

Hey everyone!  Today, I have a different kind of post and project…which I think you’ll like!  The best part is, there is even a video to go with it.

Now, you guys know I mostly make paper type crafts- but, I also love to make jewelry.  I haven’t made time for it, lately- but I found some really beautiful Blue Moon beads– and had to make a necklace!  I hope to do a couple more videos in a few weeks- to show you how to make a bracelet and a pair of earrings too!! Sound fun?

But, first let’s make a necklace!

Please note:  Usually I would restring all beads, instead of leaving them on the included cord, however this cord seemed strong, and since I was doubling it up, I thought I would take that little shortcut.  It feels nice and sturdy on, so I would take the shortcut again.  But, if you are nervous about it not being strong enough, or your cording seems flimsy- please restring your beads first.  

I wanted to show you a closeup of the bird and branch pendant- don’t you love it?  I love their Lost & Found Collection– here is the link to the pendant I used.

With the extra seed beads, I made a 2 strand bracelet- using crimp beads and a lobster clasp.

Since I am ‘rougher’ on my bracelets- these strands were restrung with a heavier gauge bead wire.

Wasn’t that fun?!  Who doesn’t like new jewelry?   Well…tell ya what, Blue Moon Beads is going to put together a little gift pack of jewelry making items for one luck winner?!


All you have to do is leave me a comment- and ‘like’ Blue Moon Beads on Facebook and tell them I sent you over!



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