Trace and Cut Graphics with the Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Hey everyone!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I was asked by a sweet friend of mine, if I could use a regular image from online, and figure out how to cut around it after printing it out.

I knew there was a nifty trace feature- but, here is how I either simplified or complicated the process- you decide 😉


So, do you think that was easy enough to understand?  It seemed easy enough for me to take on any type of graphic after that!

I hope someone out there finds it helpful in their own creating!  Also, if you are on the fence about the Silhouette Cameo and if you’d be able to figure it out or if it is right for you….my suggestion is to download the free Silhouette software and try it out- You obviously won’t be able to cut anything…but, you’ll be able to play with the program to see if you like it!  I promise if you love that part- you’ll love the cutting part!  I know I do– so detailed and easy peasy!

Yesterday, I even cut vinyl without using a MAT– so nice!! Look for the video on that soon!




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