You Spin Me Round

I have been wanting to try the PNC (Print and Cut) feature on the Cameo- but, was putting it off til I got a printer for my craft room.

Well, I finally bought a printer for my craft room when the HP e-prints went on sale at Staples and Target last week.  I didn’t need anything fancy- or even a 12×12 printer, because after all, I still have my imagine 😉

My requirements for a printer- was something smallish (it’s taking up valuable craft space), and I preferred it not to make me hook up to it each time–so it needed to be wifi or have e-print.  I bought the Photosmart 5510.

It was an easy set up and the wifi works flawlessly. The printing is great, and has separate color cartridges–in case I print a LOT of a certain color….we’ll say…PINK…I’ll just need to replace that specific ink! 🙂

Anyway- Turns out the print and cut with the Cameo is EASIER than I thought it would be, and left me speechless with how awesome it worked! Thanks to my friend Rebekah, from Crafty Teacher Mom– who helped me realize it was not as hard as I was trying to make it! She is awesome-and has some pretty awesome Cameo projects on her blog too–you should check her out!

All you do- is set it up on your Silhouette software- click a button to add registration marks, send it to your printer – take it out– load it into the cameo.  It detects the registration marks…and BAM cuts exactly where it should!! Ah-MAZ-ING!!!

Sadly, I was running low on plain white card stock–and who wants to use Computer Paper?  (Even though Mr. Pink told me it would be good enough!) Ha!

So….I trimmed down some off-white/cream-ish card stock I had to play around 🙂  Here’s one of the first shapes I print and cut.

The colors are great and look at how perfectly my cut lines up!?!

The sentiment is an oldie but a must-have, from Pink by Design’s Oh Boy!

So…. yeah–I am loving the print and cut so much that I ordered a bunch of white card stock from Amazon the same day! I am going to try different kinds of paper and find out what I like best- even though, honestly I think the off-white paper was pretty good!

ALSO– some of you are already asking–so, I will be doing a video on the Print and Cut in the very near future–so watch for it!


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