Personalized Mug

I LOVE Target– I love everything about it– the shopping, the atmosphere, the people….

Well, except for last week when this lady behind me, who didn’t use a divider– and put her stuff right next to mine, and got mad at me when one of her things got rung out with my stuff.  Literally, she raised her voice and everything.  I was kind, and sweet back to her though I didn’t want to be– I was taught to be kind even when people are being hateful.  It’s not always easy!  Anyway, I digress.

I love Target- I love that there is a Starbucks right inside the door–which probably makes shopping that much more soothing for me….I like their clearance prices- I can always seem to find something awesome at 70% off or more!  Yesterday I picked up a cute pair of earrings at 75% off.

Also, like many others- like my friend Liz from 217 Creations, I love their Dollar Spot….which also has a $2.50 section now (I personally think it all should be $1) 😉  I tell you all of this- because I picked up this cute mug in the Dollar Spot in the $2.50 section…and thought it would be perfect to decorate.

So, I cut out my initials with Square 1 – my favorite vinyl alternative- and before I cut it, I made sure I cut a little rectangle around my initials so that I wouldn’t have to cut anything out later.  I then used the negative space and put it on the mug.  After that, I filled it in with paint using a small paint brush.  I let it dry a little, and then peeled away the Square 1.   So, easy right?   And, it made my $2.50 cup look like a million bucks (not literally!)

The trick to making this is to make sure your Square 1 or vinyl is completely flat against the cut- so paint will not leak underneath.  But– you can also use a qtip and paint thinner to clean it up a little if you have any slips!

I used FolkArt Enamel paint, by Plaid in Parisian Pink and the font I used is called Fashoion Victim.

I know you know the S H – stands for Sarah Hamer—any guesses on what the E stands for?


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