Free File Friday

Hey everyone!!

I’ve decided with my new love for my Cameo and SVG files- I would have Free File Fridays- where I give YOU a free file to download!  Sounds awesome, right?!  I just  love being able to share with you all!!

Here’s what I made with the file that you’ll be able to download today!

I used a turquoise frame that I picked up for 4.99 at Target- and then, cut my file in pink paper- and then adhered it to a 5×7 piece of card stock.  🙂 Simple- and it gives me a nice Valentine’s decoration for my living room!

Ready for the file?


Click the SVG button below to download 🙂


  • Great project! I do have a question on the cameo. Does it cut SVG files the same as the old cricut did…same format? I have so many svg files and the sure cuts progam to go with them. So if I was to purchase a cameo would I be able to cut all my svg files in the sure cuts alot program or the progam that comes with the cameo? I sure hope you can help me cause I really am thinking about getting one on Valentines day for myself. Thanks a million

    • Yoy have to update SCAL. Depending on which you have, it’s free. If you have SCAL 2, the upgrade to 3 is free. There is also a plug-in for the Cameo, after you update to SCAL 3.
      I believe you can also cut them in the Silhouette Studio, but don’t know if there is a conversion required.

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