Personalized Valentines

Happy Friday everyone!!

Can you believe I have ANOTHER video for you today–it seems I am on a bit of a roll…so, let’s get started!

Wasn’t that fun?

Here are the projects again! 🙂

Don’t you love that DCWV Chalkboard paper?!

Extra big Smarties—for my Smart girl!

Be sure to enter yesterday’s giveaway and take a look around the new categories up above on the blog.

I do all of my website work on my own, so it’s a slow process–but, it’s so much more rewarding!  The categories will take a few days….er couple of weeks to fill in, because I have about 950 posts to go through individually.  But, I promise I will get to them all!

Isn’t that crazy?!  950 posts!!

I love the categories above, because you can click on one of the categories or subcategories and see all of my posts and projects within that subject.  So, for instance:  You will be able to find this post under Crafting, 3d, Cricut, Gift ideas, Party ideas, tutorials, and videos!  Not all projects cover that many categories, of course!  That way, when you need to find a quick Cricut project- just look under Cricut and you’ll be taken to a whole slew of thumbnails for you to choose from!  Sounds awesome, huh?

Alright, have a great weekend everyone!


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