First of all, why is that I want to spell MUSTACHES, like I am British?  Moustaches?  You know those words that sound the same, but are spelled differently in America than they are there–like flavor/flavour, neighbor/neighbour, fiber/fibre, glamorous/glamourous etc.   I ignore the different spelling for the most part- thinking it’s cute, but not for me.  But, for some reason, my brain and fingers like the British spelling of the following words: moustache, glamourous and theatre

I didn’t even know this about myself until I designed the Mustache Stamp Set for Pink by Design…and my computer kept saying I was spelling it wrong…and I knew that couldn’t be true 😉 😉

(Ps. my mac does NOT like the British spellings–it keeps trying to correct me!)

Okay–with all that being said- I LOVE the new Mustache stamp set--have you seen it?

My little brother  loves it too–and when he was over a couple nights ago- I was showing him some svgs on my computer–and he saw the mustache svgs from Lettering Delights that I just picked up when they had their Dollar Days Sale.

(SVG’s are files that can be purchased online thru digital stores- that I can cut with my Cameo)

Well– he wanted to cut them out right away–and I wanted to show off the die cutting den –so away we went!

I was going to put them on popsicle sticks or straws- but, the little brother didn’t want a “bulky” addition to his mustache- so, we used some jewelry wire doubled up and taped to the backside of the mustache.  He was right–it was less obnoxious- 😉

Aren’t these fun–we ALL had fun trying on different mustaches!

Adam even took some home with him- I see a mustache party in his future!

I had to get in a picture with him– because how often do I have a mustache?

And…little Punkin’ had to get in a photo too–

these photos were taken with my phone…so they aren’t the best quality–but when you’re in the moment- you don’t always have time to grab the big camera…and make sure a memory card is in…(haha) That’s my life for ya!


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