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Happy Thursday everyone!

How is the first week in 2012 treating you–is it off to a good start? ย I did not set official ‘resolutions’ this year- but, I did make a list of things to focus on, like: Drink more water, Drink less coffee, go to bed earlier, Take more walks…things like that.

I am excited about making small changes, that will improve my life in small little ways ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll never guess it…but today I have another Imagine project for you!

I guess I was just so excited that my Imagine was feeling better and you know me…I always go in tiny, little phases. ย Remember all the ornaments I did before Christmas?!

Okay–for this card I used the January Stamp of the Month which is beautiful- if you haven’t seen it yet–here it is:

Okay for my project, I used the Imagine Country Carnival Cartridge- ps. I love this particular cartridge- it’s so pretty and offers such great colors!

Since some of you are still new to the Imagine- I thought I’d give you a screen shot of what my project looked like on the machine.

I layered the image instead of printing and cutting it as one piece- and I set them at 3 inches. ย No need for Multi-cut, and my speed was at 5, and my pressure was at 4.

After printing and cutting it out- I stamped my sentiment, layered the pieces onto a 3.25 inch square card- and added lots of fun embellishments ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what the final card looks like!


I love the dimension I can give the cuts- if I layer them instead of cutting them as one piece! ๐Ÿ™‚


Have a great day- and remember tomorrow (Friday) is the Pink by Design Stamp release!! Don’t miss it- it’s gonna be fun!


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