Last minute gift idea!



Oops– you need a last minute gift idea?

Much like the t-shirt scarf I made here complete with video— I wanted to make a t-shirt scarf that I saw floating around Pinterest.

However–it was an etsy pin, and there were no directions on how to make your own…Well…that didn’t stop me!! I had to figure it out!

I wanted it braided it on one side–and straight on the other…so I started making it just like the other one–Cutting strips of t-shirt in aqua and chocolate and stretching them.  I tried braiding them as loops…but…

The problem I was running into– was that if I braided one side, the other section of the t-shirt scarf would braid as well.

So, I reluctantly cut the loops- and braided the section I wanted braided.  Then I tied an extra piece of t-shirt fabric around the top of the braid and at the bottom of the braid.

It looked good…but, now what?  How would I get the ends back together?  I could sew it….nah!

So, here’s what I did as Mr. Pink looked on, wondering what on earth I was doing 😉

I took each strand and pulled it to the matching end – on one end I cut a little slit, by folding the fabric over, and creating almost a button hole.

I then pulled the other end through that hole and tied a knot.  I did this for each strand- making sure to match up the right ends.  It left tiny little knots that would go behind my neck– and under my hair- so they didn’t bother me in the least.  BUT, you could also take another piece of fabric and wrap it around those knots to hide it.  😉  Easy peasy–and NO SEWING!

I ‘recycled’ 2 t-shirts in this project and put them to much better use!

Here’s another pic- and also this could TOTALLY be doubled up!

Yep- I take my own pictures–because I have 2 children…and when I am creating, guess what the other adult is doing?  Playing with the kiddos 😉






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