Lacey Ornament

Did I say I was done making ornaments?

Well…technically I was…I didn’t make this one…my mom did. 🙂

It hangs on my tree every year-and as I was looking at it the other day- I thought…huh…I think Pink Cricut friends would love to see that and know how to make it!

It is super simple– All you need is:

  • Pretty, fancy lace
  • Small plastic rings
  • Thread or twine


  • Cut the small plastic ring (white preferably)
  • Thread the lace onto the ring until it fills the ring.
  • Using twine or thread, connect the ends at the top, while creating a loop to hang it on the tree.

There ya have it- A simple, elegant lace snowflake ornament! 🙂 You could even use these for decorating packages!


Here’s where I get my plastic rings- you get 50 for under $4 – click on picture for link.


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