Gum Advent Calendar Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a cute Advent Calendar?

Well, today is the day you start your Advent Calendars if you are joining in with the countdown! Β I know my kids will be counting down, with their own individual calendars this year!

I made a familyΒ advent calendar back in July using spools for A Christmas in July hop I was in…but, I wanted a simple advent calendar to give out to teachers and such πŸ™‚

While at my local scrapbooking store the other day, I saw an advent calendar using gum as the ‘days.’

I had seen these before, but never got around to making one….well, I am not a read-the-directions or watch-a-tutorial kinda girl…. I am a Let’s-Figure-This-Out kinda girl. Β I know it seems strange, especially since I make video tutorials for you all! πŸ™‚

I guess it’s the ‘teacher’ in me….and it’s part of the thrill to figure it out. Β So, here is what I came up with–and I fashioned it after the Hot Cocoa treat holder I made a few weeks ago, which I also did a video for πŸ™‚

Also…since I had such a big response about my paper cutter the last time I used it on camera, I thought I would give one away!! Sound good? Β I’ll have more details at the bottom!

Isn’t that fun AND cute?

Okay…about that GIVEAWAY!!

Who wants to win a paper cutter just like mine (Scoring blade included!)

It’s an awesome addition and the best little paper cutter I have found- and I’ve tried a lot!

But, guess what…I will also give away one of their famous NON-STICK Scissors–these things are AMAZING!! I can cut glue dots and they NEVER gum up!!

All you have to do is leave a comment belowΒ and stop by Β Westcott on Facebook to say Hello and let them know I sent you!

If you want an extra entry then you can also post about this giveaway on your Facebook or blog- and let me know below!


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