If you give Sarah something pretty…

Here’s how it works in my little head– (actually I have a big head…I am not big-headed, I just literally have a ¬†big head….all of the Krafts do…it’s one of our trademarks ūüėČ )

Okay…back to how my head works…it works kinda like the story, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.” Except my story would be…”If you Give Sarah Something Pretty.”

Ready for the story?  I have added asides in italics. 

If you give Sarah something pretty- like a wedding invitation, she is probably going to ask for a pair of scissors to cut it up. ¬†When she’s finished, she’ll ask you for a glass ornament to put the pieces in. Then she’ll want to add a bow. ¬†When she adds the bow, she’ll remember that she needs to take a picture for all of her bloggy friends.

(You may remember the wedding ornament I made using my own wedding invitation a month or so ago…Here’s how the Wedding Invite ornament turned out–)

Aren’t the colors gorgeous? ¬†I used an extra large round, glass ornament I picked up at Michael’s on sale.

Here’s a picture of it on my tree– which…it won’t stay there, but I love how this picture came out.

It looks black and white almost, but it’s not–it’s just the fun lighting of the tree. ūüôā

Okay back to the story!

¬†When she’s finished taking pictures, she will remember what she originally wanted to do with the glass ornaments, so she’ll ask for some paint. ¬†She might get carried away with the paint, and even paint the hands of her children. ¬†She may even get some paint on herself. ¬†When she’s done with the paint, she will want the kids to put their handprints on the ornaments. ¬†Seeing their handprints on the ornaments will remind her that she loves sparkly ornaments-so she’ll ask for some glitter.

She’ll fill the ornaments with glitter and when she’s done she will tie them with ribbons. ¬†Seeing the ribbons tied nicely on the ornaments, she will wonder if she’ll be able to tell whose is whose, one day. ¬†So, she will ask for some Square 1 printable fabric sheets and her Cricut.

(I decided to do one in Nebraska Huskers colors, and the other in Ohio State Colors-)

When I am in my own little version of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie- I never stop to think about how red paint might look goryРlooking back maybe I should have went with white paint? 

Here’s Jaxen’s ornament-



And here is Alexis’ ornament — they both LOVED making these–and never thought twice about the red paint either!The ornaments are filled with white or silver glitter- ¬†if you want to know how to make your own glitter ornament– check out this tutorial¬†

 Seeing the sparkly ornaments, with names on them- she will think of how special it would be to give a couple ornaments as gifts. So, she will ask for even more glitter and more glass ornaments.  As she works, she will make a mess, which  means she will need a trash can and a vacuum to clean up her mess.  Once her mess is clean, she will ask for a camera to take pictures of her creations.


New Baby Girl

New Baby Boy


New Big Sister


Looking at the sparkly ornaments, will remind her of champagne, so you’ll have to pour her a glass as she sits to write this story for her friends. Then when the story is written, ¬†Sarah will see something pretty…and chances are if Sarah sees something that is pretty….

The End…or is it?


Okay…sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. ¬†Most of this story is true–except I really didn’t clean up any messes–I was pretty tidy…and no one poured me a glass of champagne…we don’t have any…but, I wanted my story to have a really happy ending! LOL

I hope you had fun reading the story–and apologies to Laura Numeroff who writes beautiful children’s books– a million times better than my crafting story!



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