I made a Fabric Chair?!!

Okay…well, I didn’t make it – make it.  But, I bought an ugly chair that was painted white, with awful upholstery on it…and redid it.

That’s kinda like making it right?

Okay–let me begin, by saying I have never, ever, EVER reupholstered a thing in my life…nor have I really painted furniture before…nor have I cut fabric with my Cricut.  But, for this project, I did all 3!

So…be gentle on my project full of firsts!

I saw this hideous chair, with a beautiful frame (underneath the white icky paint) at a local thrift shop, for $7…and I must’ve been feeling daring that day…because I picked it up… and decided I was going to redo it.   (Are you looking at me like I am crazy?)  My hubby did, when I told him.

Anyway– I bought some neutral fabric, because I thought I’d paint the chair a trendy teal color to offer our newly painted living room a POP of color.

First thing I did- was rip off the UGLY fabric that was on the chair… which was yellow w/ flowers, like a bedroom sheet from your great grandmas house…(Why I didn’t take pictures, I don’t know?  I think I secretly assumed that this adventure would be an epic fail!)

See I didn’t even have confidence in completing this project…lol…but, it was only $7 for the chair, $10 for the fabric…and $3 for the paint…what did I have to lose?  $20…hmm…I guess I could’ve bought a cartridge off of ebay….but, then I wouldn’t have challenged myself. 🙂

Okay–so, with the ugly fabric off of the chair- I took the chair out to the garage, and spray painted the frame.  After letting it dry…I decided that with the white paint underneath, that it would look really awesome if I distressed the frame.  So, I took some sandpaper out and distressed the frame, letting the white show thru along with a couple of pieces of the real wood showing through.

So far… I am liking it…

Then, comes the upholstery part- so I cut the fabric, and begin to staple it into place…I get a good portion done, when hubby walks in.  He looks at me with an “I will try to be supportive, but it looks like a child upholstered this…” look.  Well, not really–but, he gently offered to help pull the fabric tighter than I could.

So, I let him, of course!  And he did a fantastic job!

To cover the staples, I pulled out this huge roll of pleated velvet ribbon from Making Memories that I picked up for dirt cheap from Scrapbuck awhile ago…not knowing what on earth I would use it for… don’t you love when you finally use something you bought. 😉

Anyway….we hot glued it into place…I hot glued, Mr. Pink layer down the ribbon.  We made a good team!

We both stood back and looked at our hard work.  We both liked it!  We agreed it looked like an Anthropologie piece- Vintage but modern, Funky but pretty.

It needed something else.

Then I remembered DCWV had a blue and brown Adhesive Fabric Stack–this would be PERFECT!

So, using my E2 and the Teresa Collins Sophisticated Cartridge- I cut out an H at about 11 inches.

Cutting the Adhesive fabric, took a little playing….but, I finally figured it out.  The speed needs to be set on 3, the pressure needs to be 5, and only 1 cut.  Here’s the other secret…the fabric will cut really nicely when it is going with the grain of the fabric– BUT, against the grain it doesn’t cut as nicely– so… you may need to use scissors to help cut the small threads on these parts.

I positioned the DCWV fabric- which was thin and pretty easy to work with, once cut- onto my chair…and it smoothed on beautifully- and adhered like a charm!

Yay– custom chair–and it makes a great little piece for our newly decorated (well in the process of decorating) room!

Plus, I can remove the H when I want, and put something else on it instead 🙂

In the background- the lamp is still in the box–but the lamp shade matches the blue on the chair really nicely 🙂

So…tell me what you think?  Does it make you want to go paint a chair?


  • I have ALWAYS wanted to paint a chair! My DH also thinks I’m CRAZY!! =) But crazy is good. I’ve gone numerous times to the thrift store to look for the perfect chair but still haven’t found one that has caught my eye! But after seeing this post, I’m going to start my hunt once agin!! Thanks so much Sarah you did a FAB job!

  • Yes, it does make me want to paint a chair! This looks great; I love the pop of color it gives the room! I once painted a dresser with a red, cream and blue theme and used crackle paint on the cream. It turned out great also!

  • You did a fabulous job on this chair. It’s terrific that you challenged yourself to step out of your own comfort zone and to try this. And hey if for some reason it didn’t turn out fantabulous the first time. My hubby would say, “you can always strip the chair down and start over. Until you find a combination that you like.” My hubs is always encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and to take the creative risk. I love that about him. Reminded me of when I was at the flea market I fell in love with these two old time windows for whatever reason the were seven dollars. I said to my hubby that I could turn them into some kind of a home decor item for our dining room, (that’s not decorated yet) so he picked them up and said, “hon I’m getting these and when your ready you’ll make em awesome.”. My vision is to maybe put a piece of mirror behind them and then decorate them for all of the holidays, or I may just break the glass out and leave them without any glass or mirror in them. I’m still trying to visualize what I want the finished project to look like.

  • Great job! Love that you distressed the paint to allow the original white to show through. You’ve given me some ideas for using the fabric paper, and now I need to pick up a stack. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow Sarah, you did a FABULOUS job chickadee!!! I love the entire thing and what a great chair for only $7!!! I also love the DCWV fabric, what a great idea to be able to take off the H and put something else there ♥♥♥ Yep, You’ve inspired me today 😉




  • Great Job!!! LOVE the chair. Isn’t it fun when you can work at a team to accomplish something together. Now, everytime you look at the chair and it will be a great memory.

    Shari Y

  • What a great job you & Mr. Pink did! I love it! We always need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones from time to time. It lets us know just what we are capable of! This is a great share. Thank you!

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