Almost Thanksgiving


I am back from Utah– and so glad to be!!

I had a nice little trip, but was so happy to see my kids and hubby!  Since, I got home so late on Sunday -there wasn’t much time before I had to start back at the daily grind and start getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Since we have newly painted walls, and Mr. Pink finished all the trim while I was away–I decided to decorate for the coming holiday…because all too often Thanksgiving is that holiday that gets overlooked!

I took out the vinyl and used my Cricut Word Collage cartridge- to make this wall decor.  I cut it at 12 inches wide- which was about 16 inches tall. I did not use my long mat, I just cut the top part and then slid the image up on my Gypsy so I could cut just the bottom part! 🙂

Here it is above my fireplace- which is good because with the new decor, our last painting didn’t go and I haven’t found a new one yet!

I have to admit it’s really nice to make my own home decor so inexpensively, and easily!

My kids both told me the other day that they would like to take ‘art classes’ — lol.  I told them our whole house was an art class 🙂  So, tonight we also had family craft time.  It’s kinda like family game time–but, we all let our creativity flow as a family.  I took out balloons, twine, ribbon, glue, mod podge, styrofoam balls, tissue tape, etc–and we just had fun experimenting. 🙂

I hope to post a picture of some of the outcomes maybe tomorrow!

But for now–I wanted to post a couple of pictures of the kids with something I brought them from Utah– geodes.  My kids have been crazy about geodes for the last couple of months, so when I saw them in Utah–I picked up a couple and I was right, they LOVED them!!

(see my new walls with the trim in place… love)

Jaxen was acting goofy- 😉

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving?





  • I love how this came out. I just might have to get it (the cart).
    I normally decorate my table but thats it , but since we will be away from home for TG i have christmas decor on my table already lol

  • My DIL didnt decorate, and Im Cricutless. Hope I get my E2 back soon.
    so we have a witch in the tree and I have a Santa out on my bookcase.
    My Santa collection is out year round on my special shelves.
    Dawn RI

  • Looks great! I didn’t decorate because we are going away for Thanksgiving but this is great for the future. By the way…what is a geode?

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