This month is the month we all start thinking about the things we are thankful for in our lives…

People challenge themselves to write a new thing they are thankful for every day on their Facebook status, and we all feel a deeper sense of gratitude for the little things as Thanksgiving Day approaches.

I thought that it was the perfect time to write down all of the things I am thankful for–and since I think we should try to be thankful every single day of the year–it seemed to me that I should be able to think of 365 things I am grateful for.

I used a pre-made journal, and decorated it- with My Mind’s eye paper….
I then the title, ribbon and flowers to the front– (I love the scrabble letters…and scrabble will be one of the things I am grateful for…or Words with Friends)

For the tag, I sprayed on Goosebumps, and then used Tim Holtz Fall Distress inks. The Goosebumps added a nice texture, and allowed the ink to settle in a nice distressed fashion.

So, do you think I can do it… ?  Or do you think I am crazy?

What is something you are grateful for?

Tomorrow I will have the first page in my Thankful Journal!

PS. I leave for Utah in 1 week- to film for My Craft Channel- and I am getting excited, but also a little nervous!  I hate being away from my family–but, I am hoping to meet up with a few of my Utah friends!






  • Of course you can do it! There are so many things to be grateful for in life, even the little everyday things. I started one 01/01/11, nothing fancy just a small chipboard notepad on my nightstand. I don’t write in it daily (no stress that way). Seeing your I will definitely embellish mine now, thanks for sharing.

  • I have no doubt that you can do this Sarah, you have so much to be thankful for. I really like the journal. You’ll do just fine with your filming & being away from your family will give you that much more to be thankful for. 😀

    Puppy Hugs,

  • I love this! Don’t worry you’ll do fine in UT & the family will survive without you for a few says. Think of it as a little get a way for yourself, enjoy. 🙂

  • I am not sure how long I have been following you Sarah but in that time I have come to learn that of course you can do this! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!! Yes, I was yelling there! Your pix are proof that there is not much you cannot do! And you know what they say, (whoever THEY are), pictures do not lie!!!! You go Girl, we are all beside you on this & most likely, more than you know are also going to do the same now if they haven’t already started as I write this. You ROCK, TFS your wonderfuly creative & inspiring idea.

  • WOW, Sarah, I think this is a great lofty goal! The best part will be rereading it and remembering of the wonderful, big, small, etc. things you have to be thankful for! We should all be so thankful!

  • I know you can do it! Is that a SMASH pen/binder?!?!? And today (well everyday but especially today as I got to talk to all of them), I am thankful for both of my brothers and my 3 little nephews!!!!

  • Yes you can do it…and more!!!! Love the journal awesome…We definitely take for granted the things we should be thankful for…I love this idea…

    Congratulations on the Craft Channel….Awesome!! Have fun in Utah!!!


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