Scalloped Turkey




Here is a quick little treat holder- you can make with 2 scalloped circles.

I made this with those of you who came out to my Ustream on Friday night–but, wanted to post the directions as well!

Cut 2 scalloped circles out 2 inches or bigger- and score them both at about 1/3 of the way up.  Fold the score lines, and adhere the folded ends together, using strong adhesive.

Staple or adhere scraps of ribbon to the back scallop, and adhere goggly eyes and hand-cut beak, etc. If you would prefer to not have a turkey- leave the ribbon loops off, and punch a circle or oval shape in the top of the scallops- and tie a ribbon through the hole- to make a cute little purse like treat holder.


The small scalloped circles can hold the little Hershey’s Nuggets–which you can decorate with the Pink by Design nugget wrapper stamps and dies.  And…the bigger scalloped circles can hold a bag of hershey kisses, dipped pretzel sticks…etc.





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