Gobble, Gobble

Can you believe it?

Tomorrow is the day before Thanksgiving!! Are you ready?  Are your pies baked, and your turkey bought?

Well, in this house it seems there is always something to work on– whether it’s making the pie crust or helping a little girl with the turkey shirt she saw and wanted to make 🙂

Alexis (6) really wanted to make this ribbon turkey shirt, that we saw together, on Pinterest.  So…she cut the body out of felt, and arranged the ribbon pieces and used Aleene’s fabric fusion instead of sewing it…because truthfully Alexis is not ready for sewing and neither is mommy 😉 😉

Then she also wanted the shirt to say, “Happy Thanksgiving” on it- so I found the phrase on my Gypsy, and then cut it out using iron-on vinyl.  I reversed the image, and then we could iron it on, right-side up! 🙂

This is the part mommy had to do the majority of, because Alexis is not allowed to use the iron yet-maybe, I should find a way to not be allowed to use the iron! LOL

We also had family craft night, where we made some decorative balls to go in a trifle dish I have.   You can buy decorative balls, but I thought we should try making them first.  Here’s how  they turned out- using balloons, mod podge and a little hot glue.

We used ribbons, twine, and raffia too!

We just wrapped our fibers around the balloon, after smearing them with mod podge or adding mod podge after getting them on there–and then after letting them dry overnight, we popped the balloons.  It was a messy little craft, but lots of fun and everyone got to express their own type of creativity!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!






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