What a Day!

Let me let you in on how the Pink family works–

We woke up this morning, had breakfast- and then I started sweeping and such… then Mr. Pink says to me, “Would you like it if I touched up the walls with a fresh coat of paint– would that help?”  I said, “Absolutely, I’d love to see fewer handprints on the walls.”  So, he goes to get the paint that matches our current color – which happens to be a yellowish color that complements a burgundy accent wall in the living room and runs throughout the downstairs.

Looking at the paint, he realizes there is not enough to touch up all the walls, so he mentions that since we never really liked this color anyway- maybe now is the time to change it since we have to get paint anyway.

I say alright, and we load the kiddos into the car.  We grab a coffee, and some vanilla milk for the kids and head to Lowe’s.  We are pretty sure we want to go with neutral colors still but in the brown arena… so Mr. PInk picks out something that he thinks will go well.  Vanilla Steam & Milk Chocolate– I agree…and we purchase the paint and any other supplies we need.

Once we get home, we start to pull off the moulding, take off the doors and pull out appliances and furniture.  We start painting over the yellow with the Vanilla Steam, and it is making everything so much brighter and we like it…but, I start to think that it will be too much Vanilla 😉

So… I decide we need a “chair rail” using the Milk Chocolate- and  I tell Mr. PInk that I would like it to look like the inside of a latte 😉 😉

So we try it out…I like it, and I also suggest we add moulding to separate the Milk Chocolate from the Vanilla Steam– Before we start painting in the living room… we try to figure out what we will do to the flooring in there, because we had been toying with going to hardwood…. so we head back to Lowe’s and look at flooring – deciding on new carpet for just that room.  We pick up Wendy’s on the way home…and get back to work!

Did I mention the walls in our living room are vaulted–and before we started I had no idea I would be the one balancing on the ladder to reach the tippy top– but, I think I did pretty good, considering my lack of painting experience!

We did joke and talk a lot during all of our painting- it turns out fresh paint reminds Mr. Pink of having babies around… (guess we won’t be painting any more rooms!)  It’s okay though because the walkway, living room and kitchen are all freshly painted now.

I figured I’d share a couple pictures of our project today!  🙂

So goodbye icky yellow – and hello latte! 🙂

I will have to shop for new decor, since the wine decor will not go any more….but, I think that will be fun…we’ve had wine decor in our kitchen since we were married…so, I am ready for something new!

Our accent wall is also now the Milk Chocolate instead of the burgundy that it was, but I didn’t take ap picture of it yet. 🙂

Don’t worry- I did  spend some time in my craft room this weekend too…and made quite the mess…as you can see.

I was working on a project I can’t share with you quite yet…but… here is a sneak peek of it!

Have a great Monday everyone!


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