Cricut Craft Room

New Version of Cricut Craft Room ( v 103) and it is available to EVERYONE!

•You can now link your cartridges to Craft Room…unless they are linked to a Gypsy  Cricut says they are working on the ability to link cartridges to Craft Room that are currently linked to Gypsy.

• Lots of new tutorial videos– that are super informative!

•Ability to purchase Cricut Digital Images!!

Yep…Cricut has jumped on board with digital images…and they’ve started out with several digital collections!  Digital Collections are focused groups of images such as: Missionaries, Germany, Los Angeles, Mustaches/Glasses, etc.

Craft Room Digital Image Exclusives

PLUS there are several cartridges you can buy digital copies of —

a good chunk of these digital copies are of cartridges that have been retired or not available to everyone before.  I was SUPER HAPPY to see Snow Friends and Very Merry Tags on there, because they were retired before I started Cricut-ing, and have sold for upwards of $75 in previous years.

Digital Cartridges

Remember there are 2 versions of Craft Room- the web version and the desktop version.  The only difference is that you cannot cut with the web version, only the desktop version- 🙂

ALSO- be sure to check out the FREE material you can cut with on Cricut Craft Room under the cartridge name: Cricut Craft Room Basics




  • I got an email about this. I like many of the digital cartridges. I guess I need to learn CCR so I can use these cartridges. It will be hard because I use my Gypsy always.

  • It’s definitely exciting, but since all my carts are already linked to my G I guess I’ll be waiting to try it. I do hope that PC finds a way accommodate all of us with G’s. =)

  • wow, How awesome. should have taken stock out in Cricut back in 2006.Looks like I’ll be playing with craft room. Cant cut though. My E2 is being sent in to PC. It wouldnt make a connection with my gypsy or with CCR .. ;( Theres a few digitals I like, but can definitly see where PC is going with this. Thanks for posting or Ide be behind a few days in the cricut world.
    Dawn RI

  • Thank you so much for all this information, I did see the digital cartridges but did not see the other downloads that are available

  • Hi everyone, I’m new with the cricut family, but I wanted to know if anyone can explain to me what “Linking” the cartrige really means. If I link my cartridges to my Cricut mini, will I loose the content on the cartridge itself? Also, At this time I only own the Cricut mini, but later If I decide to buy the expression, will my link cartrigest that are on my mini affect the cartriges on the expression ? I’m sorry If I’m asking stupid questions.

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