Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved pumpkins with the kids–

I found myself longing for the days of triangle eyes and silly smiles, as I taped on a Barbie shape and Mr. Pink taped on an Iron man shape.

Not that these shapes aren’t awesome–but, they are a LOT of work!  My hand was cramping- and so was the Mr.’s.  When did we get old?   I told him half-heartedly across the table, “Guess we can’t have any more kids–because we won’t be able to carve their pumpkins!”

Anyway- the kids did a great job helping scoop out the guts– to which my precocious daughter asked if that was what they were really called….”um…no…it’s probably called meat or flesh…hmmm…I don’t know.”  I am sure it won’t be the first time I don’t know the answer to something my kids ask.  Thank goodness I have google!

Anway, here are some pictures from our evening…(which by the way I didn’t even have candles…because our house has converted to all electric melting type candles…Scentsy anyone?)  I had to run to the nearest grocery store to pick some up. They only had the scented kind–but, it was good enough.  It will give me a reason to go to Target and get a latte after I volunteer at my son’s school.  😉


[imagebrowser id=4]

I think the pumpkins turned out cute, and the kids loved them! I didn’t have the energy to carve mom and dad’s pumpkins this year– but–I did roast the pumpkin seeds- by just rinsing them, dousing them with butter and salt and baking them for 45 minutes on 300 – they were pretty good!  ’til the dripping butter started a tiny fire in the oven…oops.  Smoke detectors went off, and I remembered that baking soda puts out grease fires– it was a great reminder to the kids on what to do  in case of a fire.  It’s always good to practice your fire escape plan especially when you have little ones in your home!

Have a great day everyone–and doing something crafty!  I hope to finish up the treat bags for the 2 classrooms and the teachers today–because I have to take them in tomorrow!!



  • We carved Pumpkins on tuesday…and I so know your pain….I had 4 to carve since the kids each wanted one of course, they pick the hardest pattern then get bored an leave me to do it lol. Next year, I’m using vinyl!!! Great Job on yours!!!

  • Beautiful Job all of you!!! I love the big smiles on the kids! So proud!!! Might I suggest that the after Halloween sales you buy for next year the battery operatted carving knives. They are dull to the touch and and use a pulse action to cut the pumkin and its a breeze. I’ve found them at walmart , walgreen and local supermarket. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Super cute pictures. We are looking forward to carving with the big and little kids at this Sunday’s family dinner. We turn it into a contest with a prize for the big kids and significant others:)

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