I’m missing you like Candy

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!!

Last night we had parent-teacher conferences for my 1st grader- which they always correlate with the School Book Fair– which means I get to spend money on books, which I love!  The kids got to pick out 2 books each– my daughter picked out the new Shel Silverstein book of poetry and the chapter book, Dolphin Tale….and my son picked out a 3d bug book and a Football pen 😉

Alexis’ conference went great- and we picked up Wendy’s for dinner– lol  They’ve reformulated their burgers or something…and they are really YUMMY…and they even come in these cute little half-boxes, which makes you feel like you are eating something gourmet, kinda.  Packaging does matter to us, doesn’t it?

So…let’s take a look at this fun little Halloween packaging I made last night 🙂

Okay… 1 minute after this was made…I realize…that I mixed up the colors… 🙁

The orange should have been in the middle technically- but, that’s okay, I still think it’s pretty!

I used Cute Halloween and Say it Sweet

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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