Hair Bow Pandemonium

That is what I found when I went to organize my daughter’s bedroom yesterday.

We were putting her bed back together, after taking the time to paint it pink, and putting her name on it in zebra-print letters.

I forgot to take a picture- until she was asleep-so I had to sneak in there 🙂

Anyway– after putting her bed back together, I started picking up, organizing and sorting through her books and toys–I try to weed through her toys, clothes and books frequently.  She has moved on to chapter books, so she was ready to get all the other books out of there!  As I organize, I found hair bows in her closet, in with her doll clothes, on her vanity (where they should have been), on her bookshelf…and so on.  So, I threw them up on her vanity, knowing that something had to be done with all of these hair accessories!

After she went to bed, I went straight to my craft room, and started making a Hair Bow Organizer like I had seen at boutiques.   I always thought they were a good idea, but never wanted to shell out $20+ for something I could make 😉

Here’s what I came up with!

Here’s what I did–I took a piece of chipboard, and covered it with a 12×12 sheet of zebra paper. I then, cut out the shape of leotard leaving the bottom flat.  I just free-handed it- and it wasn’t too hard! (I promise!)

Then, I turned it around and took strips of tulle (I LOVE TULLE!) and stapled them to the back bottom.  I used pink, cream, aqua and black glitter tulle.  I used my Tim Holtz tiny attacher.

Then I turned it around, and wrapped ribbon across the front- to create an extra area for barrettes.

I just stapled them to the back, along with another piece of ribbon to use to hang it up later.

Then, I took coordinating ribbon strands in light pink/dark pink and black glitter and stapled them to the front ever inch or so (I eyeballed it)

These will be the ribbons the barrettes will be clipped onto.

This is what it looks like in the back.

Well…of course, I wanted it to be SUPER FANCY for my daughter who loves anything FANCY! 🙂

So,  I added flat-back pearls that I got from TwinsMoms Etsy shop

and white bloomers to cover up where  I stapled the ribbon pieces.

That’s it!  Wanna see it with her barrettes on it?


Isn’t it SO FUN!?!

I used the top ribbon to keep her flowers for her hair and her patriotic bow that she won’t need for a few more months! 🙂

I used the bodice part- to clip a couple of her big hair accessories, and the ones that looked good there too 😉

Think she needs more bows??  This is all I found –not including her ponies or her headbands.

We could never find them before–so, I actually have an order that is supposed to arrive this week with even more bows!!  (Shh! Don’t tell Mr. Pink!) lol


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