Anthropologie Look-alike Ornament

I saw this pretty little ornament on Anthropologie and thought…hmmm…

I can make that. 😉  I say this a lot about things I find on Anthropolgie.  It might be because I don’t want to spend a fortune on things….(to be fair this ornament is only $12) or  because I have this uncontrollable desire to see if I can indeed figure out how to make every pretty thing I see….My husband would go with the latter, since he’s seen me spend  what he thinks was a fortune on paper over the last year 😉

I am sure I am a pain to be around, like one of those little boys who takes apart the toaster as he tries to figure out how it works (no, my son has not done this…I hide our toaster)


Anyway–I came, I saw, and I made it! It may not be as pretty, and I probably couldn’t sell it for $12 – BUT, I do love it…and I will hang it on my tree…and maybe in one of my dreams, some fancy person will come to my house and say…”oh my goodness!  Is that from Anthropologie?!”  And…I will hesitate for just a moment, wondering if it would be better to let them think it came from their fancy shmancy store…OR to say…”Um…no, it’s actually an exclusive one-of-a-kind, numbered piece from Sarah Hamer” 😉


Are you ready to see it?


I used a small styrofoam ball, and decorated it with self-stick pearls I had on hand–can you say EASY?!

At first, it bothered me that styrofoam could be seen between the pearls–but, it adds sparkle, which I LOVE!  I also added a beaded pin to pin the satin hand-dyed ribbon onto the top.  I stuck the pin right thru the styrofoam, and I love that extra something the pin and ribbon gave the ornament!

(tweezers come in REALLY handy in placing pearls–and s

I am not sure how Anthropologie got so many tiny pearls in those little spots…the only thing I can guess–is tiny little robots.  If you are looking for that type of full-coverage, you should probably just spend the $12- but, if you are looking for a pretty little ornament that you can have your kids help you with–this is it!


Also- I do not have my tree up yet–(it’s a naked wreath I bring in from the garage when I need it for a photo) Our tree does not go up til after Thanksgiving- but, I know some of you like to get a head start on gift making-so, I want to be sure I post ideas for that well before Christmas gets here!


Lots of sneak peeks of the new Pink by Design Release going on today–so be sure to check them out on the Pink by Design Facebook page, and Blog


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