My first ornament of the 2011

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!!

It was a beautiful weekend here– with perfect temperatures!  We played outside a lot- and enjoyed the weather, and we are hoping it lasts thru this weekend for trick or treat.

Yesterday, I did sneak into my Craft Room- so I could get something done that I’ve been wanting to do for a month or so now.

When I very first started pinning on Pinterest- I saw this ornament with cut up pieces of a wedding invitation in it– I wish I could link to the site that had the ornament, but it was just the picture (no link).

Here’s the picture: (After I posted this, I found the original post, thanks to a friend- and this post also has step by step directions on how she made hers!)

It looks like they may have had a beach wedding– (only clue is the seashell tied to the top)

Anyway, I remembered I had some left-over invites from our wedding nearly 7 years ago- and wanted to make something similar for our tree this year.

I know I am a little crazy for keeping them for so long but, I am so glad I did now.  If you don’t have your invites- you could still type up and print the details of your wedding….OR…make this for someone who sends you an invite to their wedding! Wouldn’t that be a sweet little gift?

Okay…so here’s how I made mine:

Our wedding invitations had an inside printed layer of vellum, with our picture and the invitation portion, which I thought would be extra pretty in a glass ornament (so, if you are reprinting an invite…think about using vellum instead of regular paper)



I simply cut the lines of print apart from each other-

My Westcott paper cutter came in SUPER HANDY because I could see exactly where I was cutting, and it cuts perfectly straight- and the tiniest slivers without letting the paper slip.  Love is….finding the perfect paper cutter!

I also cut out the picture from the invitation as well

Then taking each strip, I curled them using the edge of a pair of scissors–you know, how you’d curl Christmas ribbon 🙂

Then, I put all of the pieces into a flat circle ornament I picked up at Hobby Lobby, at 40% off this year–I loved the unique look of the ornaments- and thought they’d be fun to experiment with this year!  the pieces were really easy to put into the ornament, since they were curled up a bit.  I also added extra strips of the vellum from the invitation without printing on them, to fill it up a bit more.
Then, I tied a bow—using our wedding color of burgundy-

Here’s one angle of the ornament-

and then the other angle- I love that you can see our wedding details–makes my heart happy!

Oh…and since we were talking about pinterest- I wanted to be sure you all knew where you can find me on pinterest to see what I am pinning this week!

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Plus, I’ve added a new feature on my posts- right below- that allows you to pin things that you might like from my blog 🙂  It’s that little button that says Pin it!  Go ahead, give it a try- let me know if it doesn’t work!


Have a great week everyone!


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