Cricut’s New Promotion


Looks like you could win all kinds of cool stuff like, a Cricut Crafting Cruise, a Craft Room Makeover, 100 Cartridge library and more instantly….

All you have to do is punch in your reward codes of the eligible Cricut Cartridges.

Don’t worry, if you’ve already entered them and thrown them away (like me…)

You can just click on your Cricut Rewards Account info on the top right, and then click on View Redemption history to copy and paste those reward codes!  (Big sigh of relief!!)

Anyway– you can enter 5x a week, if you have the cartridge codes to enter that is… and up to 40x before December 31st, 2011.

It is a cute little game…though the wuah wuah sound, you get when you lose–is not so fun to listen to.  (maybe that’s because I didn’t win?)  lol

Anyway– I entered 5x today–and didn’t have any winners–I must’ve left the winning ticket numbers to you all!  So go out there and try–what do you have to lose?

Oh–and the E2 counts as an entry too- if you have one.  You just need the serial number!

Here are the eligible cartridges:

  • 2001094 Flower Shoppe
  • 2001095 Fancy Frames
  • 2001096 Word Collage
  • 2001097 Sweet Tooth Boxes
  • 2001073 Princess Party
  • 2001074 Space Party
  • 2001075 Robot Party
  • 2001092 Girl’s Makeup Party
  • 2001154 Something to Celebrate
  • 2001155 Art Nouveau
  • 2001120 Sophisticated
  • 2001050 9 Months
  • 2001003 Love You a Latte
  • 2000163 Botanicals
  • 2000928 Crocs Rule
  • 2000926 Bump in the Night
  • 2000165 Wildlife
  • 2001125 Creative Memories – Traveler
For more information go to 

OH, and if you have not entered your Projects and Events Cartridges Reward Points–now is the time to do so…because, they are worth double points until Dec 31, 2011.

Here are those cartridges:

Fancy Frames, Flower Shoppe, Sweet Tooth Boxes, Word Collage, Space Party, Princess Party, Girl’s Makeup Party, and Robot Party

(ps. some of these cartridges are going for about $10-$12 on ebay right now–that’s where I got mine)


No, it’s not my account silly–:)



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