Square 1 Project

Today I have another fun home project–But, you won’t believe how quick and easy this one is!

Remember, when I bought this little plaque and hook from Hobby Lobby for $1.60?

Cute…but not what I needed 😉

Instead, I wanted something for my Kitchen–but, I didn’t wanted something I could easily change when the Holidays started rolling in! (They are on their way, I hear!)

So…I took a sheet of Square 1 Wall Decor, and ran it through the Imagine and printed and cut an unaltered image from Kate’s Kitchen.

It printed out BEAUTIFULLY–and then I could even stamp on it!!  And, guess what?  I can easily pull it off, stick it on a piece of wax paper and replace it with a Fall themed print—or a Christmas themed print!

And…the one on the wax paper is ready to go when I want the spices back!!

How long did it take me to make?  Less than 10 minutes!  How can you beat that?

hmm…how about we beat it with a giveaway of Square 1!  Who wants to win?  Comment below, telling me what you would make with Square 1 to be entered to win! 🙂

For those of you who missed my Square 1 video a few weeks ago–click here to see it!


  • So cute! Love the versatility and ease of changing the design. And yes… the holidays are approaching. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Hobby Lobby and Michaels new Christmas paper last week!

    ~ JD ~

  • I can totally see using this for decor for my daughter’s gym locker and regular locker. She has a foot locker that she uses for camps and next year will be heading off to college. What a great idea to decorate with this and she can change it out when she is bored.

  • Love this project!! I would make holiday prints as well on a background similar to the one you used here. I love having something in the gathering area in our home that depicts the time of year or holiday of the moment!! TFS & for the chance for a GREAT new crafty goodie!!!!

  • I have never used a product like this before but I would love to try it out! What a fun way to decorate and still be able to change it up for the seasons.

  • I would love to win this! I could make pictures for my sons room! I just got the sports cartridge and I want to make soccer prints for him since he Just started soccer then I can change out for a cartoon charecter in between soccer seasons!!

  • Love this! I would make a plaque for my grandsons room – birthday, 1st day of school,all the holidays everything that is significant to him. He always makes me do cuts for holidays to decorate his room.

  • Wow! I don’t know how I missed your video on this. It looks great!! I liked their facebook page. Now I am off to check it out!!

  • This is a project we all could use somewhere in our home! Thanks so much for the suggestion! I would love to try this in my kitchen as well! So cute and useful at the same time!
    Teresa K

  • This would be perfect for a Welcome sign that I have for the front door, I would like to change it but dont want to distroy it. How awesome is that thanks for sharing this info now all I need is the square 1 product……. Mindy1qc@msn.com

  • OOOOO! Looks like fun! I would love to try this. I would make changable pictures and/or sayings for my front door. Would be great to be able to change it out for the seasons. Thanks for the great givaway.

  • I would love to try this out. I’ve never used Square 1 before; I think some new switchplate covers would be awesome!

  • Love this!!!! I think I would make something cute to put in my Grandson new (Big Boy) bedroom. He just started Kindergarten. :0)

  • Adorable! Thanks for the chance at some Square 1! I would use it for my classroom. I have this one bare wall in my classroom that is decorated for about the first week, but then the temperature in my room causes EVERYTHING to fall down when I use funtac, which is the only stuff we’re allowed to use on the walls.

  • I have a littlebox that I would love to use seasonal for candy. I would love to use square 1 to print out halloween, thanksgiving and christmas images to go on the the top of the box which would hold candy in it.

  • WOW!!!!! This is amazing stuff. I love that you can stick it to something without destroying the original. I have a canister set that is “very plain” how wonderful to be able to decorate it for all the Holidays. Christmas is comming how fun would it be to put Snowflakes all around the house and Autumn leaves for the fall Easter eggs for Easter Shamrocks for St Pat’s day. I need to try this out Where can I get some?

  • Wow! the possibilities are endless!!! I would make a seasonal plaque that could be switched out depending on the season we are in!

  • I love this product. I’d make wall decor and seasonal decor for the house. So easy now that it is so easily removed without causing any damage! Thanks, Sarah!

  • I love this product demo. This would be great to make cool seasonal decorations for my kindergarten classroom. Thank you for the great video and showing us a wonderful new product! Diane 😉

  • This is so cute.. What a great idea.. and a great deal!!! You are so creative.. Not sure what I would do since I don’t have an imagine but I think the possibilities are endless.. LisaMH

  • What a product! I love it! I’d print a giant photo of my 2 and a half year old grandson to have on my wall wherever I went! His smiling face would be with me always! Oh I can think of lots of uses for this stuff! Thanks for sharing this product and how it’s used!

  • Very clever Sarah…that Square One is awesome to use. Have to find out where I can get some
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

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