School Wreath

Today marks my daughter’s first day of 1st grade.

I am a little sad- and I am a little excited.  Sad to see how fast my babies are growing up–and excited for her to learn and experience new things.  She loves school, much like I did.

Since both of my kids will be in school this year–I have some lofty goals of the things I will be able to get done– although, my son will only be in preschool- so that will be half days, 4 days a week.

It’s more time than I have ever had by myself as a mom though–so, we shall see what happens.  I might just cry for the first week 😉

But…for now, I have 15 more days til preschool starts! 🙂

I am really excited about Alexis’ teacher- she is young, and seems like a ton of fun!  Her name is Mrs. Dance–see…even her name is fun!

Anyway- Alexis and I made Mrs. Dance a wreath for her classroom….and then, I made a video showing you how to make one too  (plus, I needed a new Fall wreath for my door)!

I used the DCWV Grade School Stack to make a couple quick embellishments- as well as a stamped image (crayon box)  The chalkboard, I picked up at Joann’s and stamped it with a soon-to-come-out Pink by Design stamp and white staz-on ink! 

To get the perfect colors- I used the DCWV Harvest Gathering Stack as a reference to choose fabric colors!

Have a great Monday everyone!! Tomorrow I have another School-themed wreath for you!


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