Penguin Love

So…Mr. Pink loves penguins–he thinks they are so cute.

He’s not obsessed with them–but, he mentioned once that he thought they were cute- and ever since then, even before we were married- my family decided to buy him penguin everything.  He gets Penguin picture frames, Penguin mugs–penguin pajamas!  It’s more of a joke now–but, the truth is he still does think penguins are cute.

When we were dating- he had a cat named….PENGUIN.  When we went to Chicago to the Shedd Aquarium…his favorite exhibit was the PENGUINS….and I could barely pull him away from the huge stuffed penguin in the gift shop! 🙂

All of that to share this simple little card with you, which Mr. Pink of course–LOVED!  You know, when I showed him…his reply wasn’t…’eh, yeah it’s cute,” or something like that.  Instead, it was “OH MY GOSH–he’s CUTE!!”

So…here is my Oh my gosh–he’s CUTE card!

For this fun little square card- I used an SVG from

I used a white gelly pen for some quick doodling, chalk ink to ink the edges of his beak- and a Copic marker to add some pink cheeks.

I used a sentiment from the Pink by Design Snowflakes stamp set- which is available at Oh My Crafts or if you are a stamp of the month member- it is available at the Pink by Design store. 🙂

If you do not have the capability to use svgs- this card could still be replicated- by hand cutting the white shape- and using your cricut for a couple of ovals and a beak 🙂

Have a great Saturday everyone!! It’s our last one before our little girl is off to 1st grade!


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