Happy Wednesday!

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!

Today I am participating in Wacky Wednesdays with my friend Paula at More than Favors– where we were supposed to make a Halloween project πŸ™‚

Since, I’ve been on a wreath kick, I made another wreath–but, this time for Halloween.

To see my fabric wreaths click here or here to see my crayon wreath!Β 
Well, of course I wanted to do something different- so today my wreath is made from the DCWV Midnight Spell stack

I’ve made paper wreaths before, using strips of looped paper and with paper punch flowers— but, never one like this πŸ™‚

I really do love it- and it looks so festive on my door! Β πŸ™‚

I also forgot to mention in the video, that I inked the edges of the fan-folded rosettes after they were all put together, with chalk ink in black.

Since, I haven’t done a giveaway in a bit, I thought I would giveaway one of the stamp sets that I used in the video–with the cute little monsters! Β Don’t you just love it?

Guess Who? is September’s Stamp of the Month.

And…one lucky Pink Cricut follower will win it πŸ™‚ Β Just leave me a comment saying what your all-time favorite Halloween costume was/is. πŸ™‚


  • Super cute! I love this idea, I saw something similar in a SU catalog and can’t wait to try it πŸ™‚ TFS! I would say that my ultimate {favorite} costumes are pirates, gypsies and witches.

  • Oh Sarah, love your wreaths. I just learned how to make these flowers a bit ago and they are so much fun. Love the way you put them into a wreath, have to try it. Fav costume ever was a chicken costume I made for my daughter many many years ago. Was one of my greater moments.

  • Fabulous wreath! thanks for the chance! My fav costume was actually my sons last year! he was the cutest little bat!

  • fabulous wreath! thanks for the chance! my fav costume was when my son was a little bat last year! so cute

  • Love your wreath. Favorite costume when I was younger was a princess. Seems like I was always choosing that costume. Was also a gypsy once. Mom made that costume.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  • This is such an adorable wreath! I am definitely going to have to give this a whirl…Thanks for the inspiration…When I was little my parents bought a “Little Lulu” costume with the plastic face mask on an elastic that kept it on my face…(back in the day, Little Lulu was very popular and we didn’t have much money so I wore it for two years)…I thought I was so special because I was the only “Little Lulu” on the block that first year! I still remember how hot that plastic face would get…LOL! Thanks for the memory jog!

  • I love your wreath! Many many years ago my mother ordered me an angel costume from the Sears & Robuck catalog. After Halloween it was suitable for use as a nightgown (without the halo of course)as it was made of flannel. Thanks for the opportunity to win your stamps.


  • I loved the wreath and I need to try some of the fan-folded rosettes, what a neet project. The stamps are cute. I love it.

  • Forgot the costume part. My favorite was Alice in Wonderland. I made every character costume for my family to march in a parade. I think there was like 36 of us,even the cards!!! We had a blast and even won 1st place.

  • I just love, love, love this wreath. I bought the items to make your other wreaths. I am definatley making this one, too! My all time favorite costume was when my Mom made me a Ronald McDonald costume. It was the best costume ever. My Mom was known for making the best costumes for me and my Sister.

  • That wreath is beautiful! My favorite costume was one for my son when he was 2 years old. He was a turtle with a shell that inflated with air! He loved to play in it around the house after Halloween. I still have it in my closet . . . and he is now almost 24 years old!

  • I love your wreath, I know what my project tonight is. I need new halloween and fall decor and this would be great. I do not have these stamps, so I will have to improvise and use big buttons or something, Thanks for the awesome project idea.

  • I love your wreath, I’ll have to try the glue gun because nothing else seemed to work So I didnt make any more rosettes.
    My favorite costume was a birthday party. My brothert wore it. My mom cut up a card board box and made it into a table, hole in the middle was where the head came thru. Then she set up the party table complete with a table cloth, dishes, cups, utensils and party favors. For the cake she made a hat with a candle, now you can buy the birthday hats. My brother won most original. and couldnt wait to
    take the table off so he could sit down. I wish I could find the picture of it. His costume was worn when he was 7, he would have turned 50 this August.Do miss him but I have his memories.
    Dawn RI

  • I’ve been loving your wreaths! My favorite costume was the huge white fluffy rabbit costume that my grandmother sewed for me. I carried around a carrot all night (along with my pumpkin for candy!)

  • THe wreath is adorable!! It’s on my must do list now. I don’t remember trick or treating when I was a kid but my kids trick or treated when they were kids and I dressed my daughter up as a pink bunny one year and with a little pink nose and whiskers. She was adorable!
    papermemories4u@ yahoo.com

  • How super cute! I have been making wreaths for the last couple of years and my daughters always steal them!! So, I am going to make them each one for Halloween so we can all have one. I love this. Thanks for sharing!!

  • My Favorite Halloween Costume was actuly homemade! I made a Popcorn out of insulator foam and wore a red and white striped box! Soo fun to make and wear!! I would also, love to win the stamp of the mounth!

  • What a great wreath. Love all the colors and patterns. What cute stamps too!!! My favorite costume was when I think I was maybe 5 or 6 and my mom made me a little old lady costume and I won a silver dollar prize for it. It was a small town and there was a little parade that we all got to be in. We were in the newspaper and everything. Very cute.


  • My favorite Halloween costumes were actually for my Mini Dachshunds. Of course I had to dress one up as a hotdog in a bun. The other two were a witch and a bee. They were absolutely adorable. My favorite was the witch though. (She was a good witch)

  • Love that sweet little wreath and those monsters are adorable. I love checking in to see what you’ve created. I haven’t had time for projects lately:(
    I think my favorite costumes were…when I was 8 months pregnant with baby #2 (1987) my husband and I made our own “bacon and egg” costumes. (not expensive and could fit my very round figure) Needless to say I was the fried egg with the yolk being my baby tummy!

  • Thanks for all your great ideas. My favorite costume was when I was a nurse. Not a sexy one, but a nursing nun! I went on to become a nurse but not a nun. Lol

  • I have loved all your wreaths! But THIS ONE is my FAVORITE! I love Halloween and I am getting one on my door. Fantabulous!

    • P.S. got too excited and left out about my fav costume. Since Halloween is my favorite Holiday – We all dress up in costumes even to pass out candy. I have loved all of them, but my two favorites are China/Guisha Girl and Wonder woman because I dressed up as those when I was in my early twenties – and my daughter also dressed up using those costumes in the present time. So we have pictures of us in the same costumes at different times/years and they really look neat. Great layouts.

  • Love it!! so pretty!!

    My favorite costume was a couple years ago when I was pregnant. I made an oven to wear and went with a “bun in the oven”. My husband was the baker with an apron that said “I am the bun maker” πŸ™‚ Lots of compliments on that one!!

  • O M G! The new stamp set is soooo adorable! I HAVE to get my hands on them! I would have to say that my fave costume was Cinderella! Love getting all fancy!

  • Sarah you make everything look so easy! I am defiantly going to make a wreath today thanks to your fabulous video! My favorite all time costume was being Wonder Woman! I remember believing that if I crossed my wrist cuffs that I could make anything happen…. Ya I’m still working on that πŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait to see what goodies you have up your sleeve on Friday!

  • I love the wreath. Now I know what project to do when my daughter comes tomorrow. We get together as often as we can to make cards and other projects. Wasn’t sure what to do this time but wanted something fun and this looks like a lot of fun to make. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  • My mother made me a Rainbow Brite costume when I was six or seven. It was the most intricate costume she ever made. I looked just like her!

  • I LOVE your wreath! I would have never thought to make a wreath out of rosettes, but now I think I’d better give it a try πŸ™‚ Last year my them 10 month old was a giraffe for Halloween. He was so stinkin’ cute that it is going to be hard to beat that costume!

  • My fav Halloween costume was the classic sheet over the head…ghost it is! Love this wreath! Can’t wait to make one!

  • I just LOVE this idea for wreath! My head is already swimming with Christmas gift ideas! πŸ™‚ My all-time favorite costume was the one I wore in 1976 for our school promenade around the neighborhood. (I was 13!) Our school was Francis Scott Key #76 and was just minutes away from Fort McHenry, where the national anthem was written. We were all asked to dress in “period” costume that year for our nation’s bi-centennial. My Mom made my costume… I LOVED it. I was at the age where I thought dressing up for Halloween was for “kids”, but this was different. BTW — I dress up for Halloween NOW, and I passed kid age a long time ago! lol Thanks for the chance to win such a cute stamp set! I watch my 2 year old grandson and 22 month old “almost” granddaughter every day and I call them my mini-monsters! πŸ™‚

    maria_m_nestor (at) yahoo.com

  • Sarah I love this wreath.. and my favorite halloween costume was… I was a toaster and my sister was an outlet… my dad made them out of cardboard boxes and we were tethered together with a rope. My dad was so creative πŸ™‚

  • Cute stamp set! I’m not good at coloring but I would give these a try. Fav costume? So many I like, but 2 I’ve had in the past that I loved were Devil Girl and Flapper Girl. Thanks for a chance to win this stamp set.

  • My all time favorite costume has to be the Whooie Cushion. I could not find a costume and I waited till the last minute, and All I could find was this Hot Pink Felt Whoopie Cushion with a hat!!! I sish I could post a pic of it, so you could all laugh, I still laugh at myself when I think about it. It was such a Big hit all over our neighborhood. Your wreath is Beautiful. I will be making some myself. TFS!! I just love Halloween!!
    pattig161 at yahoo dot com

  • My all time favorite costume has to be the Whoopie Cushion. I could not find a costume and I waited till the last minute, and All I could find was this Hot Pink Felt Whoopie Cushion with a hat!!! I sish I could post a pic of it, so you could all laugh, I still laugh at myself when I think about it. It was such a Big hit all over our neighborhood. Your wreath is Beautiful. I will be making some myself. TFS!! I just love Halloween!!
    pattig161 at yahoo dot com

  • Love that wreath, so stinkin’ cute, I’m gonna have to try! Can I say what the 2 options for my house are this year? They’re my favorite ideas yet, okay so one just made me giggle. My 4 year old son wants me to dress up as Dora the Explorer because he wants to be Boots the Monkey, as he says “Boots is a really cool monkey”. The other option is to dress the 4 year old as the Cat in the Hat and then dress up my 3 year old niece as the Wocket from A Wocket in my Pocket, or Cat in the Hat’s goldfish. My sister says we should just dress them both up as Thing One and Thing Two, that’s about how much mischief they cause.

  • Cute project! πŸ˜‰ my favorite Halloween costume is Tigger. I bought mine the first year I got married and each of my kids have had a Tigger costume for their first Halloween πŸ˜‰ top29gun at gmail dot com

  • I remember when I was little, my older brother dressed me up like a bum!! I think I was like 6 or 7!! I don’t think I have any pics though…thank GOD!!!! lol:) Thanks, Jules:)

  • I love this project! Can’t wait to do one. My favorite costume my kids wore when they were little was a barney costume. The little tail sticking out the end was sooooo cute!

  • LOVE this!! My favorite Halloween costume that my kids have had so far is last year I made their costumes: Woody and Jessie. My daughter still dresses up in hers.

  • My fave costume I made for my son was a refrigerator. It was great….it had a cookie jar up top where his head was (the “o”s were they eye holes). The door opened from the front with shelves and an opening “drawer” for the candy! πŸ™‚

  • I would have to say when my mom created a skeleton ghost costume for me. We used a sheet and cut a large hole for my face and then we painted my face white and used black to make the skeleton look. I had this weird white hat that we attached bright tissue paper flowers to. This was back in the 70’s and you did not have the crafting supplies that we do now. That was the most memorable costume to me and I totally loved it…

  • My favorite when I was little was a spider costume my Mom made for me! She did the coolest stuff. For the spider costume she attached the other “legs” with to the two that were my arms so that when I raised my arms, the other arms underneath would raise up, too! So fun!

  • Love this wreath, I can’t wait to try it this weekend. My favorite all time costume was when I was around 6, and I was ET. I loved the movie, and my dad bought me the old fashioned jumpsuit costume with the mask with staples by the ears. I loved it!

  • I was just about to go out and buy the material for your Fall wreath which I truly love when I saw this video. This is soooo great for Halloween and I have everything here to make it except the stamps of course:) I think I’ll make this first. I would love to win the stamps. My favorite Halloween costume was a Wonder Woman one I made for my daughter when she was 5. I used the Underroos that were popular back then and then made a crown, bracelets and the boots (I made them like spats) to top it off. She loved it and was so adorable!

  • I have a few favorites, all ones that I made for my kids. I would have to say that my all-time favorite one was 2 years ago my kids were a ghost bride and groom. My daughter had been the flower girl at my sister’s wedding, so we used that dress and then my son’s suit. I made a veil and a black bouquet for my daughter and a black corsage for my son. (I can’t spell the real word, so corsage it is!) I then painted their faces white and sprayed their hair white. They looked so freaking cute!

  • Once my son was an elf. It was adorable. Another favorite was my son was a Pilgrim. Thanks for a chance to win these cute stamps.

  • Love this wreath! SO cute! πŸ™‚
    My all time favorite costume was when I made my son into Captain Jack Sparrow when he was 6.
    I drew the sparrow tattoo on his arm with a Sharpie, and used lots of black eye liner, and brown for his “beard”. I had pics taken at Sears. He looked SO ADORABLE!

  • Love the wreath and that it is not spooky. The colors are just beautiful. I will have to make one of these for Halloween. I also like that it is super quick to make. TFS!
    Favorite Halloween costume was Barbie.

  • My favorite costume was a cat one that my mom and I did for me. It was so cute. I was wondering what the dimensions of your wreath were and did you make or buy the shape. If you made the shape how did you do it? Thanks for a great project.

  • Love this wreath I am going to have to scraplift from you. And my all time favorite costume was one i made for my daughter well its a toss up my husband and I made her a Xena costume and my other was a Steam punk costume. one of these days I will have to make one for me. LOL

  • Your wreath is adorable. I should make one of those for my friend who loves wreaths.
    My favorite costume was when I was a kid…I would wear a pair of my grandpa’s bib overalls (with the legs all rolled up and suspenders shortened), a red plaid flannel shirt of my dad’s and an old beat up hat with my long hair in braids and tucked up underneath. Mom would paint whiskers on my face and everyone would try to figure out whose boy I was. Loved it!

  • I just love this wreath!! Thanks for the idea, and I”m scraplifting it for numerous holidays and wouldn’t this be great to do for a birthday and hang up to celebrate that special day or any other? I love all the ideas!!! TFS

  • My favorite costume was when I was a roller skating girl in Junior High and forgot to bring my shoes with me that day… Never wanted to roller skate again for a while after that… LOL

  • My favorite costume was when I was little was a princess. I was always called Princess Leah – but never got to play the part until halloween! πŸ™‚

  • Wow I would love the chance to win this. I love Halloween, my favorite costume was when I was about 14 and my father dared me to wear his clothes to the school as my Hawlloween custume. I loved it and I still have that picture. I wore his work pants, boots (stuffed with socks) and cared his pipe and even wore his hat. It was a fun day.

    Thanks for Coming by with us…………..

    Donna Scrapp’n Nana
    Come and see what are the NEW TOOLS are for July. A New System

  • I was a mummy one year. I was much older than the rest of the trick or treaters, even though we were on a college campus. But, I found out later that I was just barely pregnant for the first time- so I was a mummy while I was a mommy πŸ™‚

  • Cute wreath! Thanks for sharing your ideas and talents with us. My favorite Halloween constume was a vampiress. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Your wreath is beautiful! I will attempt making one! Of course, I would need those cute little monster stamps! My favorite Halloween costume was dressing up as Wonder Woman! I was 15 years old, the costume was a hit!

  • Ok so I am gonna challenge myself and make this wreath! Step out if my comfort zone. Wish me luck and thank you for sharing! It is spooky good! My fav costume was a clown! My mom sewed the whole outfit! It was adorable back when I was 7! TFS CallyAnn

  • Sarah, I like the wreath, those rosettes are everywhere, guess I need to get on board and start making them. πŸ™‚
    my favorite costume was being a skelton, I rented the costume, but I had so much fun that year at parties. Thanks for the giveaway Kathy D.

  • Your rosette wreath is STUNNING!!! TFS!!!

    My favorite costume was the year my husband and I dressed like bikers and I wore a blond wig. I think I love that year because there’s a great pic of the whole family dressed and smiling!!!

  • WOW! This weath is fantastic! This techinique is so simple, the possiblities are endless! I’m a new follower, love your site. Can’t wait to make my own wreath now!

  • Oopss….so WOW’d by your wreath forgot to mention my costume…In 6th grade my Mom made me a Hersey’s Kiss costume. Tin foil and all! I won the most original in the school too. πŸ™‚

  • Love the wreath. I have to make one for my door. I love all your ideas and look forward to each of your videos. Thanks for the chance to win the stamp set.

  • This is so cute. Love your wreath! My favourite was a princess costume my mom mad for me when I was in grade 4. She even made a wand and a tiara for me. I felt like a real princess that day. Thank you for the chance to win this stamp set!

  • Your wreath was so cute! I could see my Girl Scout troop making a Christmas one for the Elderly home we’ve adopted. My favorite costumes are always home-made ones! The first year I made costumes for my daughters – a yellow Belle skirt and a green scaled Ariel skirt – they were so cute! Led to Princess gowns and a Ursula costume for our dance teacher. Can’t wait to see what my girls want to be this year!

  • My fave costume(s) r the ones my 2 boys wore last year~my 5yr. old was a Hotdog & my 2yr. old was a red Crayola crayon! So cute! Love em! Thanx~prhmangel at gmail dot com

  • Ok so I tried to make a wreath like yours and I have to say that it didn’t turn out half bad. I did change some things just because of the material I had on hand but Thanks for the inspiration!! My favorite Halloween costume was one year I dressed up like a barbie. Yes a barbie. I had glitter everywhere and wore a barbie shirt and a sparkle hat. I was like 7 years old. My kids might have a hard time topping that!!

  • Love the wreaths! Must try it. Since I’m a procrastinator, my kids always ended up being hobos cause that was easy to put together at the last minute. Thanks

  • Love the wreaths! Must try it. Since I’m a procrastinator, my kids always went as hobos because that was easy to put together at the last minute. Thanks

  • I love decorating for Halloween and Fall (but I hate costumes and dressing up.) Your wreath is terrific. I have never seen one like it before.Maybe I’ll try one with my daughter. My favorite costume was a blow up sumo wrestler my son wore a few years ago. It wasn’t original but he had so much fun wearing it.

  • Hello, I just saw you on Containyacrafts.com and then started to follow you. I hope to be placed in the raffle for the stamping easel. I just love it. Thanks for sharing your card making on the easel as well. Have a great day. june

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