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As some of you know–I have been without my Gypsy for a few weeks now–and it’s been hard, going backwards- using the Cricut without it -when, I have become so reliant on it.

I found myself digging out my cartridges–hoping that I would magically pick the one I needed– because my memory just isn’t what it should be!

There are certain things I love to use on cartridges- or things I know are on some cartridge, in my stack–but, for me to find which one it was…was like finding a needle in a haystack…I don’t have all of the cartridges-but, I have a nice little stash.

Anyway–then I remembered this awesome site, that I actually have linked from my page–(it’s on one of the top tabs) because I like it so much!  It used to be called Cricut Search, but is now called My Cut Search– and basically you can search for anything you want on a cartridge!!


Generated image
I always assume everyone knows about this site–because it really is so great!! But, like me some people may have forgotten about it–never heard of it, or just haven’t figured out the best way to use it!

So…here is a quick tutorial on how I use it to find what I need!

Hope this helps someone out there!!  Here’s the link again–if you want to go bookmark it! 😉


Generated image
(Ps. My gypsy should be back in about 2 weeks…however, I will still probably use mycutsearch.com because it is so extensive!)


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