Crayon Wreath

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who checked on us yesterday- after a School Bus in our town went up in flames.  I was so touched by your care and concern!

Yesterday a bus did go up in flames here-and luckily everyone got off in plenty of time.  Mr. Pink and I were actually driving by right after the kids had unloaded.  There was lots of black smoke- and I knew right away that it was on fire…since I once had a car catch on fire while I was in it w/ the kids.  Later on the bus ignited into flames- and was completely charred.  Again–all kids and drivers were safe.  Alexis was not on that bus- it was a high school bus.  I was still a teeny bit grateful that we decided to drive her to and from school on the first day though.  Thank you again for checking on us!  🙂  Here’s a link, if you want to read more.

Okay, I promised you the crayon wreath- which my son will give to his teacher today!

His preschool teacher, is coming for a before-school-starts house visit.  I am really excited, that we we will get to sit down and talk to her and let Jaxen warm up to her in our own home. And…he’ll give her the wreath we made for her.

He’s excited to give this wreath to his teacher–and I am glad he will have a little piece of our home and life with him in his preschool every day!

I used the Cricut Lite Recess cartridge for all of the die cuts on my E2. 🙂

14 more days til my little guy goes to school–wish us luck– he’s my lil buddy–and I am going to miss him like crazy!  Miss our snuggles and his smile that lights up the room!  But…like I said it’s only half a day 4 days a week–so we are easing into it!


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