My Craft Channel – Guess What??!

Happy August!  I can officially say that, because it is now August!

I also have to say…that….July was a whirlwind, there was so much fun and excitement going on here, and with Pink by Design– I can honestly say I  loved every minute.  I was just beginning to things things were going to slow down around here.   But, with 2 kids, and the  really, really EXCITING news I am about to share, I don’t think things will be slowing down any time soon–which means there is more FUN & Excitement on the way!


I was approached my the Producers of My Craft Channel about doing a product review show and I accepted.  I am so excited to be a part of this awesome craft channel coming this fall, not to mention to be included with such amazingly talented women and men.

So, do you wanna hear what show I will be doing? 🙂

Come see what’s new, fresh and fun in the crafting world! I will show you the crafting must-haves for crafters of all types!  We will take a stroll around this fabulous creative community, as we window shop for great tools and hidden treasures for our crafting needs.  You’ll get totry before you buy, just like you were in the craftroom next to me! 

Here’s a little about the channel:

My Craft Channel is the first of it’s kind online TV Craft Network. It goes beyond the simple web “how-to” home video and delivers broadcast quality programming. With over 20 different new shows there is something for everyone. Top experts, bloggers and craft celebrities in various niches from sewing, painting, scrapbooking, DIY projects, photography, mixed media and more have joined together to bring entertaining education to the web with TV formatted shows. Not only do the shows provide amazing inspiration, each day there is an opportunity for the “daily deal”, which gives our viewers an opportunity to try out fresh new craft items at discounted prices. Our goal isto be fun, educational, entertaining, and interactive with our viewers.


Here’s were it gets really cool!    They are giving away 20 Cricut’s in 20 days.


I know some of you have already gone over and “liked” their Facebook page, thanks for doing that, but now we need to get you entered to win one of their giveaways!  Today, they will be giving away Cricut Expression when they announce my show!

Here’s how to enter!

  1. Follow My Craft Channel on Facebook, then leave a comment on the MCC blog telling us you did this.
  2. Follow My Craft Channel’s Blog, then leave a comment on the MCC blog telling us you did this.
  3. Share with 5 of your friends a link to this blog post, then leave a comment on the MCC blog telling us you did this.
  4. Facebook, tweet or blog about Sarah being part of the new My Craft Channel this fall.

So go get entered NOW and win that Cricut!




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