Bottle Caps

Hey everyone! I have a fun little project for you today–and since my website was being naughty last night–I am posting a bit late. 🙁

But, I am here now–and it is also FAN FLASH FRIDAY on Pink by Design Facebook page– I will be posting a project picture there in just a little bit, and then you all can join in and post your project photos. Just like a Flash Mob–but, on Facebook and with pretty, crafting things! 🙂

I will choose a winner out of the people who post–and they will be winning a Cricut Everyday Cartridge! 🙂

Yesterday, my cousin was asking me about Bottle Caps and so I told her I’d make her a quick video–there are so many ways you can dress up a bottle cap- there is simply no wrong way! So if you have some lying around—see what you can come up with- I’d love to see it!

Click here to see my Cropadile and Big Bite Tutorial 🙂


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