Did you hear there’s a new Cricut on the block?

Cricut Mini

Cricut Mini is a small, lightweight, ultra-portable way to make almost anything you want – out of many different types of materials, including thick and thin paper, fabric, vinyl, magnetic material, craft foil, and lots more. With Cricut Mini, it’s easier than ever to make projects and be more creative!

Small, portable, and lightweight for ultra space savings.
Works with any computer PC or MAC with a standard wireless or wired Internet connection.
Simply plug it in, turn it on, connect to Cricut Craft Room – the online design tool where you can see and design with every Cricut cartridge – and start making projects..
Cuts up to 8.5” x 12” paper and other materials. Cut small shapes and fonts from ¼” to larger cuts up to 11½”!”

So what do you think?



  • Finally something small enough to work around in my craft room with..not all of us has big rooms to craft in..thanks Cricut for thinking of us “little guys”

  • This is cute buuuuuut would love it even more if we didn’t have to lug a computer with us or have internet to use it. Had they made it with the option to use with a pc and internet or not to and made it to use a rechargeable battery making it even more portable then great! A great option would be to be able to use your gypsy and not always have to use a pc and internet.

  • I think it is cute, but I am not sure if I will be getting one. I already want an E2 really bad, but am having a hard time talking DH into it. I guess I will just see what everyone else does with theirs. 🙂

  • Do you know how much this one is going to cost us? Do you know if it is small like the Create or the baby one? I was wondering if this one will fit in that green bag that the Create fits in? I hope someone can get back to me on this or about this one. I might be able to afford this one.

    Thanks for sharing with us…………
    Donna Scrapp’n Nana
    Come and see what is New. NEW TOOLS in July. A New System.

  • This sounds like a very economical way to use the cartridges you don’t own! Where can I get it? How much is it? Do you know if it will be available on HSN? I would LOVE It if Provo would do this in a wireless version, so I could use my iPad.

  • A little birdie said that it only works with the “Craft Room” application that is still in testing mode… I wonder if it will work with the Gypsy? Super Cute!

  • Seriously???? ProvoCraft is at it again and with their LARGE marketing department will try to convince everyone in the world that this little machine will be the ‘latest and greatest’…sound familiar??? Oh, hmmm, remember the launch of the IMAGINE? Then the reality when it was oversold? Oh wait…that was the E2…Oh wait, that was BOTH on HSN.com. THEN when they were finally received, some looked like they had already been used/sent back. The “OUT OF THE BOX” experience wasn’t so exciting when the machine wouldn’t work like it did for Jinger on hsn.

    YES, I’m bringing all this up because this is just ANOTHER WAY for Provo Craft to get your money on something that you probably ALREADY HAVE in your possession.

    If you decide to buy this new machine…and it ONLY works with the CRAFT room which, from what’s been mentioned, is still not in its talked about element from Provo Craft’s PR department. Oh, and the CRAFT ROOM is only available via INTERNET…so if you don’t have access to internet, you won’t be able to use this machine since it doesn’t take cartridges!!

    WOW…think about it…and consider OTHER machines besides ProvoCraft. They’re not introducing anything NEW with this machine. SAME format–Cricut carts you have to OWN, REGISTER & pray that CRAFT ROOM works so you can use this specific machine.

    There’s a new Silhouette coming out that will work with software you can design your own ideas…or import others. There’s a new KnK that is partnering with MTC. There is the Sizzix eClips that will work with their cartridges AND with SCAL.

    That’s just THREE of the various machines out there that let you create what you want without being restricted to JUST cartridges. Expand your mind beyond the PROVOCRAFT CRICUT LINE!

  • I think it is cute, but for me I see no advantages. I own the original and the expression, I have enough reward points to get the Imagine now. I do not want a machine that I don’t get additional benefits from. You still have to own the cartridges you use in the craft room which is not an issue for me I own so many. You have to be connected to the internet and have a computer to use it, I play when camping and would not be able to do this. When we do crops we can set up on a deck in the shade and still play with the previous machines, as we do not need computer access. I love Cricut and the great things it offers, the ease of use without trying to learn to program but, I really see no benefits to this machine.

  • This ticks me off… PC has been touting that it would make software for Macs for EONS… but when they said last year they were bagging any further developments for Mac users because it was ‘too hard and labor intensive to tailor a Cricut to an Apple operating system’….. alright, whatever. Then I see this…they made a machine that is MAC compatible! So what happened to a year ago when they announced that they COULDN’T make Cricuts compatible with Macs?
    Yep… Silhouette is looking nicer and nicer every minute for this Mac scrapper.

  • I’m perfectly happy with my E & Gypsy and see no reason to get the Mini. I don’t have a computer in my craft space, nor do I have room for one, so it’s just not a logical machine. Maybe it’s a good introduction for those who haven’t yet purchased a Cricut of any kind, but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

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