CHA Summer 2011 – Day 2 (1 for us)

Good … er… um… sorry this is WAY over due and late. It’s been a monster day on that started at 6 am and is now 1 am. (if the spelling or grammar is terrible, I blame sleep deprivation)

In the 1990’s I had the privilege of shooting the Junior/Senior Prom for our yearbook. I thought I was pretty big stuff when I showed up with all the upper classmen and spent the night watching many who I looked up to just let go and LOVE LIFE. One of the more poignant moments of covering the prom was the entrance and I can still remember that walkway across a small bridge with a waterfall in the background while the lights danced and twinkled of dresses and corsages as if they were fairies today. It was a moment that will forever be captured in my mind by the stark contrast of light and dark, the colors of the prom, and the life that filled the room.

Much like that day oh so many years ago, CHA 2011 will be forever sealed in my memory. Thank you Provo Craft for being a late addition to the show and giving up the entrance to DCWV. Pause for dramatic effect… WOW! I have been to my share of trade shows, seen booths by ATT, Sprint, Sony, and lots of other “BIG” companies with LARGE budgets and I would have to say that they pale in comparison to my entrance today.

Down four short steps was the DCWV booth all decked out for Christmas. The show had not quite gotten into full force for the day and there was a moment to just take it all in! To spend time at 50,000 feet (not literally) just allowing my canvas to be coated with all the colors; the deep reds, the vibrant greens, the out of place purple and to absorb what was about to happen.

My body rejected taking those first 4 steps because I was here with Mrs. Pink, this was not my world it was hers. For the first time I had TRUE perspective to the world as she sees and experiences it. Let me tell you it is full of life, vitality, and lots and lots of CRAFTING SUPPLIES! I don’t think I will ever be able to tell her again that I am convinced she has every craft/scrapbooking item known to man. So enough with my 3 paragraph moment – On to the show.

I just started to do a both by booth run down of what I thought and I realized – DUH Sarah’s the expert, not me. 🙂 So here are a bunch of pictures from today’s show. We got separated for almost all of the afternoon so there aren’t as many pictures as we would like. Look for LOTS more tomorrow! (PS I will be making an announcement about the Stamp of the Month Club tomorrow)


  • Thanks Mr Pink o your take on the show. quite interesting. I made my hubby read it, because yes, he thinks I own everything in the craft world also. Thanks. I must go next year, and now maybe I can talk hubby into joining me.

  • Thanks Mr. Pink this is awesome take on CHA, felt like I was there almost! Loved all the videos & neat pictures, pat yourself on the back, GREAT JOB!!! DCWV dresses were awesome! Well with all those new products Sarah has her eye on, you may need to be considering builidng on to the house or a pink scrap house out back! Heeheee just kidding… NOT! TFS

  • Thanks for the look at CHA! I think I’m going to go to the scrapbook expo next year. My guy who will be my hubby then is willing to go. I think it’ll be fun to see his perspective of it too!

  • I am so jealous! It looks like so much fun! There is NO WAY I could talk my husband into it, though! I think it is so cool that you are there with Sarah.

  • Hi Mr. Pink. I saw a DCWV booth video on their site. It was amazing! I can’t imagine seeing this booth in person. How cool for you:) TFS with us. Have fun at CHA! You and Sarah are awesome.

  • WOW to you Mr. Pink, THis is the best anyone has put out for CHA for us who were not lucky enough to get to go!!!THANKS sooo much!!!! I got to see some things I REALLY want!!! Hugs Jean

  • What a fun post! I admire you for taking this trip with Sarah! There is not a chance in the world that my guys would attend! Your perspective is great!

  • I loved seeing your outlook on the show, Mr. Pink!! I am not sure my husband would even go with me. Loved looking at the pictures!

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