Spilled Milk

So, this is going to be a short post today.

I had a project to show you today….a layout in fact, but we had a liitle accident with my laptop yesterday afternoon.

My little pumpkin, spilled his glass of milk all over my laptop. Mr. Pink thought quickly and took the battery out, unplugged it, etc so we could let it sit in rice.

So, there it sits…with the pictures of my projects locked inside. 🙁

The good news is, it gave me extra time to craft and organize. Maybe this afternoon I will try to plug it in….and see what happens.

I will have a project for you tomorrow, milk or no milk 😉 along with a video.

But, as a final thought….Always remember things are just things…. . Laptops, engagement rings, houses, cars….it may stink to lose them…but, in the end they are replaceable. We tell our kids this all of the time, because we want them to know how much we live and cherish them…and they are not replaceable.

Have a great Thursday everyone!!


  • Sarah I feel your pain three weeks ago I got a virus on my laptop thought I had lost my pictures and all my svg files. I was in a panic. Luckily I with three days of working on it I was able to get everything back…Hope you are just as lucky.

  • What a great attitude to teach to your kids. In my house, every little mistake was met with a scream. Even when my younger brother dropped the gallon of milk at the entrance when bringing it in the house, I got in trouble for it. He stood there crying, and I said, “PICK IT UP!” so that not all of it would spill out. Then my father proceeded to yell at me for yelling at my brother. Your household would be a very refreshing change for me! That’s how I want to raise my own family!

  • Oh gosh, so sorry!! Hoping the rice does the trick and you’re good to go again very soon!!!! {{{{hugs}}}} Poor mini-pink must have felt so bad.

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