No Kids

Guess what?  I will have a haul video posted in just a little bit– 🙂

But, first I thought I’d share a little about my night last night– if you’re interested!

On, Tuesday my sister came into town and spent a couple of days–and then she thought it would be a good idea to take the kids. my kids…the only kids in our entire family these days…. to spend a couple nights with Grandma and Pawpaw.

Grandma and Pawpaw- thought it was a good idea too….so they headed that direction yesterday morning–and SURPRISE– hubby and I have a couple of nights to ourselves….and the pups of course 😉

So…we took advantage of the opportunity- Mr. Pink had a couple of meetings during the day, so… I went to Michael’s for an hour.  Michael’s was pretty busy actually, for the middle of the day– Maybe it’s the new phone coupons you can use?  I could barely get thru some of the aisles– and there were people who simply saw how busy Michael’s was– and then turned around and left.  Of course, I don’t give up that easily 🙂


Anyway- after the little craft shopping, we went to the matinee of Water for Elephants, which I have been wanting to see.  (I read the book, and LOVED it)   I thought the movie was a little slow—or, that I just don’t have patience to sit still for 2.5 hours in the middle of the day…. But, hubby loved it, because he hadn’t read the book.  It goes, pretty much along the lines of the book- which is why it might have been slow for me…I knew what was going to happen 😉  But, such an amazing story, really!

When the movie was over- it was dinner time- so we went to my favorite restaurant, well….my favorite restaurant to go to without children that is, Flemings.

I had their oh, so yummy Wedge salad, and Ahi Tuna…yum!

For dessert we went next door to The Cheesecake Factory -because I do love me some Cheesecake!

That was pretty much it–we headed home, and I slept in this morning 🙂

(I do miss the kids…but, it was so nice to have an evening not thinking about getting home for the sitter)

Off to make my quick Haul video for you!



  • Now that sounds like a fabulous afternoon/ evening. It is hard to have a good time with just mom and dad when knowing you have to get home for the sitter by a certain time. I hate when I feel like I’m always checking the time on my phone.

  • Sounds fun! I thought you were going to say you went dancing! I need to read that book. My sister told me its sad so I haven’t read it yet. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • What fun! I had this past week to myself as my family went away on vacation, and I stayed at home (they left on the last day of school, so I still had to go to graduation and the luncheon for the graduates). Boy, it was fun! I went to AC Moore and Michaels, and then I crafted EVERY SINGLE DAY! No interruptions (except for phone calls about surveys, blah). Hope it was a therapeutic and relaxing time for you, especially with that really yummy looking wedge salad! Looking forward to your haul.

  • I am glad I could take them for a few days. We had a great ride to Grandmas and even stopped to get slushies! See you tomorrow. Love you!

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