New Cricut Cartridges at a New Price Point

This month has been FULL of Hello Thursdays-

which means Cricut has been releasing at least 4 cartridges, if not more every  Thursday this month–and it looks like it will continue on into the last Thursday of this month as well (Don’t quote me on that.)

I have not been posting pictures of all of the cartridges- but, I did want to mention this latest release- because they are already listed on for purchase!  Yep, you heard me right– before Cricut would release a set of cartridges and it would be weeks and weeks until you could actually buy them–which as you might guess, crafters did NOT like.

Well, Cricut caught on- and with each release this month- you have been able to buy the cartridges that very same day!

Woohoo for that!  But….since the end of Winter CHA- the prices of Cricut Cartridges have seemed to go up.  You can not get them at those rock-bottom prices that you once could–where it was easy for women around the U.S. to buy every single cartridge that came out in a release–even if there were 9!
Now– the prices are pretty straight across the board- which in all honesty- seems a bit more fair for retailers- especially our local scrabooking stores, who could never compete with $13 cartridges!

Anyway- this latest release–released today- are for sale on and at only 29.99 which is even cheaper than the Lite Cartridges.

They are not full-content cartridges, maybe, a bit more like Solutions cartridges but…better?

You tell me– what do you think?

Here they are:

Cricut Events Girl’s Makeup Party

Girl’s Princess Party

Robot Party

Space Party

Probably my favorite is, Fancy Frames

Flower Shoppe


Sweet Tooth Boxes- probably my 2nd favorite


wait…maybe this is my 2nd favorite!  Word Collage


And…that’s it!  If you want to see better details of what is on the cartridge and some SUPER CUTE projects done with each one–go to the Official Cricut Blog HERE and if you are in LOVE–  they are 29.99 at


Don’t forget to tell me what you think– about the cartridges and the price point! 🙂


  • Those are some pretty neat carts. I do like the new price point. Just wish the shipping charges to Canada were so ridiculous. Oh well, no one ever said crafting was cheap! Lol

  • This is the first I have heard of the price. I am happy!! I want Flower Shoppe and $29.99 seems like a good price!! Thanks for posting this. I am happy!!

  • I already bought Flower Shoppe last night when I saw it! $29.99 is less than I expected and when I saw the price… I had to have it.

  • I love the Fancy Frames and Flower Shoppe cartridges. The $29.99 price was a nice surprise as well as being able to purchase them immediately on the website. No more waiting–hurray!

  • From what I saw of the booklets on the Cricut Blog, it looks like there’s only 25-30 images. Since there’s not a function button, the layer image is on the button below the base image. If that makes sense. That could be why they’re cheaper. I really like the collage one!!!

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