Super Quick Sneak

This weekend has been fun and fast–and is still going on….

But, I wanted to check in quick with a sneak peek and to formally thank all of the men and women out there who have served or are serving to protect our freedom.

I appreciate each and every man and woman who have laid their lives on the line- so that my children can be safe and protected. Β Thank you!

Here are some of the men in my life who have served.

(My father also served-but, I can’t find his military picture)

Grandpa Rowe


Grandpa Kraft

My little brother, Adam.

Here is the quick sneak peek I have you–the June stamp release is this Friday, June 3rd at 7pm CST- πŸ™‚

and, I have to say I CANNOT WAIT for this release!!

In this little “tag” of a card- there are 3 sneaks!! πŸ™‚

Have a safe Memorial Day! πŸ™‚


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