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Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you’ve had a glorious day!  We are on the road, headed back home from a quick weekend away….and I just wanted to check in with you all!

It’s…just over 24 hours til the new Cricut Expression 2 airs on HSN! Are you ready?!?!

Who will be watching??
Who thinks they can’t live without it?
Who has decided to go with a different machine?

The e2 is going to be able to use both cricut and imagine cartridges, as well as being wi-fi and gypsy compatible.

Rumor is that the price will be $349, but I personally think the price point should be at no more than $299.


After talking to HSN, you can already get it via phone- but it is not online yet.  It will be item number 128-077– and it is $345 (not sure if the price will go down or not).

Although, it will be offered on value pay 🙂

Do you think it is worth it?


  • I have my finger on speed-dial as we speak. lol. I have the baby bug and the expression but I like the features the new one has. If the price is $349.00 that’s not too bad. I’ll be watching and dialing for sure. Have a great evening.

  • $349? Really? I thought it was going to be $399 so that’s a bonus for me! I would LOVE it if it was $299! I will be watching AND buying tomorrow night!

  • Ive seen the preorder on ebay für $599….i hope its much cheaper. Because i will buy my first cricut and i hope i become the E2

  • I am hoping for $299- with the 4 pre-loaded carts it would be worth that. Otherwise, I will have to wait a while for the price to go down. Here’s hoping for a good price point so I can put my credit card to use.

  • Oh please I really want one of these machine so bad and I don’t have the money for one. I’m sorry my old is about ready to die and I have no funds to replace it and I KNOW i won’t win one so why get my hopes up. It did that once before and I won’t do it again it hurts to much. But for the rest of you I wish you the best. Cause IF I ever won one I think I would just die and melt away. Good luck everyone.


    Donna Scrapp’n Nana


    want to look, I would love you too.

  • I’m kinda torn. I would love to have it but my Expression is still pretty new (I purchased it in November). I guess I will wait a while and make sure there aren’t any bugs that need to be worked out and see what kind of reviews it gets.

  • Not sure about the price but that old saying’if I’d only known’…I received my Expression for Christmas but if I’d known an E2 was on the way, I ould have waited. Oh well

  • I am excited to see it and see what everyone makes with it! I personally am not going to get it. I just got my expression in November and need to use it more before I invest in another Cricut!

  • I told my husband I was getting one and he said “OK”. I’ll have to see the price and what kind of “deal” they’re offering. Right now, I’ll say it’s a Big “probably” that I’ll be getting one.

  • Not sure why it would use the Imagine cartridges when it can’t print??? No, I won’t be getting one. I’m looking at upgrading from my E that I bought in November to either a Black Cat Cougar or a Pazzles. Pazzles is considerably cheaper and I heard it was a good machine. But the Cougar comes in larger widths up to 24″ wide. Hmmm….decisions, decisions.

  • I was hoping for $299, but we will have to see. I already have an expression that has been VERY good to me, but I feel like I need to HAVE this!!!

  • I was also thinking $299 would be the price point. I am not sure I will do $349. I am considering it because my E is about 3 years old, so I can (somewhat)justify getting a new one (and giving my old one to my friend who has been dying for one but can’t afford it).

  • I too just got my cricut expression in Oct., so won’t be buying this one anytime soon. I have
    not even learned all of the things I can do on this one! With the economy the way it is, cricut things are coming out too fast and too expensive for me.

  • I am so excited! I can not wait!!!! I will be ordering! Sarah if it is $349, and then they drop the price, do we get it for that price? I MUST have. I’ve been saving since January so I WILL get it!!!!

  • I don’t know if the price is too high or not. But it is too high for me. I hope the HSN premier goes well, and everyone who is able gets one right away. Enjoy!

  • If it doesn’t print – besides having the 4 preloaded cartridges what’s the point in getting this version — it doesn’t mean a thing to be compatible with the Imagine carts if you can’t print them. I don’t see the value with all the extra $$$$ involved. And to say that it is compatible to the gypsy — so are the other cricuts out so that wouldn’t sway me to buy new one. I will check out but I can’t say that I’m in the group that “HAS TO HAVE” E2 — I love my Expression!

  • I’m excited, just wish it was PINK!!! I will probably get it b/c you can use both the cartridges types, but I wish it did print and cut!

  • I am very excited about this launch! My E has been working great. I’ve had it for 2 years now. I have been on the fence about whether to upgrade at all, especially whether to upgrade to the Imagine or the E2. I have not always noticed an overwhelmingly positive response to the Imagine (I do know that there are people who love it). The E2 does seem exciting so I will be watching HSN tonight in order to make my decision. Have fun everyone:)

  • Okay, I am torn, because at this point I hate my Expression. On the other hand my daughter loves it and can’t get enough. I think for me, it is the issue of my paper doesn’t want to say in place on my mat or if it does, it does not want to come off. Also, I was really like using chipboard and even with the deep cut blade I have been an able to cut anything. It seems like every time I try and cut it only partially cuts even cardstock…I am guessing I am just doing something wrong as my daughter has cut hundreds of things with no problem. I do really hope it is around $299 then I will most likely get it. But we will see…

  • I think the price is a little high, however, two of the cartridges are exclusive to the Anniversary Edition and won’t be on future machines.

    Because of some legal things going on, I doubt that SCAL2 and MTC will work with the E2. They may now, but I am sure there are changes in the works that will make all Cricut machines incompatible with both programs. I own both and I don’t like it, however, both companys knew they were violating copyright laws when they created their programs to work with Provo Craft products. If you really want to cut your own designs or those off the internet, or regular fonts, both MTC and SCAL2 programs will work with other cutting machines who are working with SCAL2 and MTC.

    I would say DO NOT buy the E2 just to work with SCAL, SCAL2 or MTC.

  • I bit the bullet and bought it today in order to get the two extra carts. They won’t be available ever and the other two will be months away from release. I had a very old Expression that was ready for replacement. (I use it a lot!) Timing was good for me on this.

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