E2 Arrives and my 1st Project

So my Expression 2 Anniversary Edition came- and although, I haven’t found it’s permanent spot in my crafting room– I did make a quick video and a project with it for you all! 🙂

I decided to do a birthday card from the preloaded Just a Note cartridge, since my darling daughter’s birthday is right around the corner.   (It is on Monday, but we are celebrating this weekend!)

OH–also…she wants a video camera so she can make her own videos–where would she get that from ;)?  LOL

She loves the colors: PINK, PURPLE & YELLOW– so that is what I used as inspiration for my card!  I of course had to add bling too!

The words on this particular cartridge do not have center holes in the letters–and I knew that with her just learning to read, that this would not work well–so I added the pearls for the centers. 🙂


I popped up the cake, and the paper is from DCWV Street Lace Cardstock Stack and Echo Park Springtime Collection

I think she’ll love it! 🙂  And, I did figure out some little tricks on the E2 that I would be happy to share with you in the future! 🙂


My first impressions of the machine

  • It seems to cut a little quieter than the first Expression- and loading the mat is so MUCH better– much smoother!
  • It takes a bit to figure out the menu screens- and remember what each icon stands for– but, like most technology these days– that is expected. (Just remember- that home key will take you to the cut screen–it took me forever to figure out how to load my mat and cut!! LOL)
  • The actual cutting was great- I put it on medium weight cardstock and away it went– perfect cuts!
  • It comes with the regular Cricut Expression mat–which can be a bit too sticky to start of with– but, they are better than not being sticky at all ( like some Imagine mats) 🙂
  • You can use the touch screen with the included stylus, your fingernail or your fingertip 😉 I tried all 3 and will probably stick to using my fingernail 😉
  • You will need to update your E2 when you get it, using Cricut Sync (which will also need to be updated) This entire process, including the updating of Cricut Sync takes about 10 minutes- but, is well worth it because without it, you don’t have all the function capabilities.
  • The spacing of the items bothers me a little- because I can’t put each color layer in each corner–I’d LOVE to be able to move them around manually with my finger.  (hint, hint)  Though, you can adjust the kern and use the “space” or “return” icons on the overlay screen to give more space between layers.  The kern is in the tools section, under the icon that looks like a globe.
  • I hope to try my Gypsy on it tomorrow– BUT, I have to wait to update that also-(it is updating as I type this)



  • Wow!!! Yours came fast. Thank you so much for your tips! I will be reading them again when mine comes next week 🙂 Your card is adorable! I love it and am sure your daughter will too!

  • Congrats on the new toy! I hope to play with mine next weekend after it arrives. I love my regular E and DS, so I hope I love this just as much. The only problem is that now I have to look at the I cartirdges.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more videos and tips!

  • wow so cool. I waited round and didn’t get one. I am going to wait and play round with my old one for awhile, so congrats and have fun. Loos like you already started doing that though. cute card. tfs Tami

  • Cute card. Mine will be here tomorrow, I couldn’t wait so I paid for 2 day shipping. So you said that you could not put your different colors in each corner. I thought I saw somewhere that you could drag your image to where you wanted it. Or is that the Gypsy? I have the Gypsy but do not know how to use most of the features so it seldom gets taken out of the box. Thank you for your information. I hope I can figure it out. Once again, great card and Thank You.

  • Wow when did you order your? Do you live near by so it only took a few hours to get to you?? Wow provo Craft must be fast. I’m going to your site to watch the video. NO I don’t have one and I’m can’t get one but I’m willing to learn about it so I can dream someday.

    I hope someone well answer me on this question. Well they still be in there IF I call provo Craft and order it?? Do you think they will ever bring it back so the ones that didn’t get it can still try to buy it. OR is gone now for sure?????


    Donna Scrapp’n Nana




    want to look, I would love you too.

  • Congrats on the new purchase. I was lucky enough to have a hubby who told me to get one too. I can’t wait until it gets here. You got yours quick!!! Your DD’s card is so cute. I can’t wait to see what’s on all of the new cartridges.

  • Enjoy the E2! You’re making me want May 16th to some even faster….that’s when my E2 is scheduled to get here!

  • Dang it! I don’t even have the first one yet. Maybe the price will drop now. I don’t mind being a little behind the curve. 🙂

  • I hope your enjoying your E2. I can’t wait to get mine. I got in on the second batch so I don’t get it til the 16th :(( But I’ll be excited to try it out when I do get it. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  • Cute card Sarah! Glab you like your E2!!! I ended up cancelling my order because I knew I couldn’t really afford it. Of course I know I will be kicking myself later on, but that’s ok.

  • My estimated arrival is next Friday ;( Hey does that Cozy from the original Expression fit the E2? I want to get a Cozy for it and my original small one and my Gazelle. But I don’t know if they fit or will I have to wait for people to start making them, lol.

  • Cute card 🙂 I just got my E2 today!!!! I can’t wait to use it! I look forward to your videos to help guide me through. Thanks 🙂

  • Well 4 of us ordered our cricut e2 on hsn & 1 of us got lucky today!!! It wasnt me 🙁 !!! I was so sad ,my friend lives 3 mles from me & she got hers!!! no fair!!! the other 3 of us cant even track the darn thing!!!! thanks to ups who say we have an invalid number!!! boy we all ordered within minutes of each other!!! Im such a cry baby…Well Cindy left us go to her house & got to play with hers,we had a ball the machine is AWESOME!!! Hopefully tomorrow will bring the other 3!!! 🙂 We made cricut glasses and cricut bug crowns,we are going to an all day crop saturday!!

  • Hey I had the same issue a first, until I did some research in my manual that solved my problem. you can adjust where your blade starts to cut by going in your tool icon on the second page there is a icon that looks like a target (starting position). Once your there you can tell the E2 where you want it to start. Hope this help.

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